Faithful WMExperts reader Dan (Hi, Dan!) brings word of a little trick he uses to significantly speed up his new AT&T Fuze, which was acting sluggish even with TouchFlo 3D turned off. So without further ado, Dan's tip:

I recently upgraded from the ATT Tilt to the Fuze. From Day 1 the Fuze would frequently slow down and often freeze, requiring a soft reset. Even with TF3D off, it still would slow down and crash.

Long story short, I figured out why. I ran SK Tools [ed note: a handy little tweaker and memory manager] and looked at CPU usage at a time when the device was sluggish. It revealed that Opera was still running in the background and using up a large percentage of CPU, even though the Opera browser was not listed in the running programs.

I then set up a shortcut using SK Tools to "Auto-kill" Opera. My Fuze has been running as smooth as silk ever since.

Well done, Dan! And thanks for the tip.