Titanfall 2's DLC packs for maps and modes will be free

Respawn and Electronic Arts will release all of Titanfall 2's DLC packs for maps and modes for free. This will avoid splitting the online community for the first-person shooter sequel for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

GamesRadar spoke with Respawn Entertainment's head of development David Wightman on this move:

"We'll definitely be supporting Titanfall 2 post-launch, and I can confirm all maps and modes we deliver post-launch will be free. We'll be talking more about post-launch plans closer to release so stay tuned for more info," Wightman explained.

The original Titanfall game did offer paid DLC map and modes packs, but all of them were eventually released later for free. There might still be some paid DLC packs for Titanfall 2, but Wightman says they won't be for the "pay to win" type of packs. It's likely that players will be able to purchase cosmetic items for their armor and mechs. The game will be released on October 28.

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John Callaham