Titanfall 2's latest trailer shows us the world through a pilot's eyes

Titanfall 2 is almost here, and the latest trailer for the game gives us a look at the its world through a pilot's eyes. At just under three minutes, the trailer does a good job at showing off both the parkour-like agility of a Titan pilot and the immense power of Titans themselves. Of course, there's a good chunk of story teased for the single player campaign as well, thanks to the narration. Check out the trailer below:

Overall, the single player campaign looks like it'll definitely be a treat for fans of the franchise. Titanfall 2 is bound for the Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4 on October 28, and we're sure to see much more of the game before its full launch. In the meantime, if you're looking to get in on the action, you can pre-order Titanfall 2 for either Xbox One or PC directly from the Microsoft Store.

Update: Steve Fukuda, Titanfall 2's game director, has provided some more insight into development of the single player campaign over on Xbox Wire (opens in new tab) to accompany the trailer:

We knew from the beginning of development on Titanfall 2 that we wanted to do a single player campaign. Our team has a rich history of creating great single player campaigns and as we reflected on what we wanted to do with it, there was a desire to bring back feelings we had playing games in the past that had a strong sense of mystery, discovery, and wonder. We knew that doing a typical shooter with the gameplay mechanics we built in Titanfall just wouldn't work. In fact, we tried a prototype of that and it wasn't fun at all. We wanted to do something new.

The whole piece is worth a read for a bigger peak into the story of Titanfall 2 — especially if you're curious about what makes the Titan involved in the campaign so special.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • That looks awesome. For a trailer about the game, this will sell it to the crowd that is on the fence or unsure about it. I still play TF1 and can't wait for this new one to be released.
  • As a long serving Titanfall fan I was looking forward to this so much for the past 12 months. Played the Alpha and literally died. This is NOT a Titanfall game. It's now CODFall. Every part of the multiplayer has been changed. Literally every part. It's now a generic 3 corridor map FPS fest. With Mechs. Such a shame. It's now a massive NO BUY due to another COD CLONE.
  • I have to agree with you man..I was very disappointed with the Alpha..except for the meshs nothing else resemble the first game..it wasn't broken why did they messed with it..i'll buy it when it's in the bargin bin..
  • Really ;looking forward to playing this game since Im not a very good multiplayer gamer and Titanfall 2 will have a proper single player campaign