Rise from the depths of darkness in Titan's Tower

Titan's Tower is a simple, but challenging, Windows 10 game where you are tasked with climbing an endless tower. You jump from side to side to avoid a host of dangers, collecting coins and boosts along the way.

Graphics are a little on the dark side, but help gives the game an ominous feel as you rise from the darkness of the tower's basement. All in all, Titan's Tower is a good option to pick up when you need help passing the time. However, there is one glitch in gameplay that is a tad frustrating and hopefully an easy fix for the developer.

In many ways, Titan's Tower is a minimalist game that starts with a very elementary primary menu with just a smattering of options (play, visit the game's Facebook page, pin it to your Start Screen, and rate the game in the Windows Store).

The gist of the game's backstory has the Titans banishing you to the bottom of a tower — to escape you must climb your way out. Granted, it is an endless tower and thus escape is impossible, so the goal is to simply climb as high as possible, collecting as many coins and crowns as possible.

The game screen has a character that loosely resembles a Space Invaders alien sitting at the bottom of a tower. You tap the screen to begin play and the character starts to race up one side of the tower. You can have the character jump from side to side to avoid dangers by tapping the screen.

Dangers include spikes that spring from the sides of the tower, gaps in the wall and balconies that block your path. The game does a really nice job of testing your reaction and timing skills, especially when balconies are on both walls, directly across from each other. Here you have to time your jump perfectly to catch a blue orb that is floating in between the balconies. When caught, the blue orb shoots out bolts of lightning that destroy the balconies to allow you safe passage. Misjudge the jump by a fraction of a second and you'll instead jump face-first into a balcony and promptly lose the game.

Other items that are floating around the game screen include coins that raise your points score, stars that shoot beams to collect adjacent coins, treasure chests that have multiple coins and more.

Titan's Tower is a fun, free game for Windows 10 PC and Mobile. However, in playing the game from a Lumia 950 I did experience a glitch that can be somewhat frustrating: after playing a few games of Titan's Tower, the ability to jump from side to side locked up. Your ascent up the tower begins as usual with a tap of the screen, but you simply can't jump off the wall — whatever hazard you run into first will end the game right then and there. The only recourse is to exit and restart the game, so it'd be great if this bug could be addressed in a future update. It's not a deal breaker, but it's still a downer if you're getting into the groove with the game.

While Titan's Tower could use a little polishing under the hood, it is a fun game when you need a little help passing the time.

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George Ponder

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