T-Mobile's new unlimited family package starts at $100 per month [updated]

It looks like T-Mobile is pushing forward with its un-carrier initiative with a new family package that offers unlimited everything for a base cost of $100 for two lines. Each additional line will run you $40 extra per line. Overall, at $180 for 4 lines, the package deal would end up saving you $40 per month over building the plan yourself, which would set you back $220 per month.

[Updated to remove reference to throttling]

Source: T-Mobile (opens in new tab)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Sounds good! Hopefully this will force att and Verizon to again change their prices,
  • Didn't T-Mobile already have a family plan for 4 lines at $100, 2.5GB per line? Is this 10GB each, or 10GB total? If total, this sounds like the same plan at an 80% price increase. Never Mind... Edit, where did you get this: "As for the "unlimited" aspect, keep in mind that while you won't be charged any data overages, you will be throttled after using 10GB."? The data plan for this offer is UNLIMITED, there isn't any throttling at 10GB. That's a different plan (see below).
  • Edit, their site currently shows Family plans:
    1GB each x4 = $100
    3GB each x4 = $140
    5GB each x4 = $180
    unlimitedGB each x4 = $220 And I actually read the T-Mobile press release at the link:
    "And, T-Mobile brings back its most successful promotion – 4 lines for $100 with 10 GB of 4G LTE data."
  • So they doubled data. Nice.
  • My mistake guys. Some wires got crossed in my brain while reading the press release. The article has been updated accordingly.
  • Cool. At least you read the comments and fixed the article. Some lesser blogs either don't pay attention, or don't care.
  • I'm with Sprint and deals like these, plus a better selection of Windows phone, tempt me into changing carriers. Sprint has been great for me. Good signal where I live. I have been with them for about 12 years, and get a 25% employee discount, but it's still a $135+ bill every month....hmm
  • Are you on the old family share 1500?
  • Yes. That's my plan...Family share 1500
  • Sprint is horrible where I live in kansas city (7 miles south of Sprint headquarters) ... slooooooow data speeds
  • Carry on my wayward son..
  • Where I live add 25% or so per month for taxes and fees to any of these postpaid plans. Prepaid for me.
  • If MS only high end phones coming to the US soon...   :-(
  • Not exactly. The two-for-100 deal with $40 for each extra line is unlimited with no slow downs. Normally for that plan, it would be $140 for the first two lines, but you save $40 off the cost of the first two lines this way. The four-for-100 deal is completely separate, where each line gets 2.5 GB. That way, you're not paying an extra $40 for the third and fourth line, but you don't get unlimited high speed data.
  • SOmebody learn me, i dont see what the difference is.  In regards to data usage, it is no different from what tmobile was offering correct?  all four lines assuming you get four has access to 10gb of data that is shared amongst all users, once the total goes over 10gb, then all data for all lines are throttled.  Or is it saying every line has up to 2.5gb unthrottled regardless if the total gb exceeds 10 gb.  So really, the only difference ist hat two lines are covered int he $100, but as far as usage goes, no change right?  
  • It's a matter for me to switch to TMobile!
  • I have very poor reception where I live and with Wi-Fi Calling feature... I am going to T-Mobile office tomorrow to become a new subscriber!!!! I have been begging #ATTsucks for a micro-cell which they want to sell to me for $140. What a scam! Pay us more to make our service useable... T-Mobile... Here I Come! 100GB unlimited Talk/Txt/Data???? Where do I sign....
  • If ATT sucks where you are at, do you really think that T-Mob will be better. I went to a T-Mob store and grabbed a sim for one of my phones and could get zero signal where ATT at least gets 1 bar where I am. I am just like you, but ATT worked with me and gave me a Micro-Cell. Sure I have to use my internet, but so does T-Mob with Wi-Fi calling. Early 2015 ATT will have Wi-Fi calling too, and 4 of us just got the 15GB plan from ATT for $160. We will never hit that so it's still the better deal. If you think that T-Mob is going to let you hit 100GB every month, well, more power to you. Let us know how it works out.
  • Actually, yes, TMo can be significantly better than AT&T in the same area. There are lots of areas near me where a TMo phone has service, but an AT&T phone next to it does not. As you saw, the reverse is true in some areas.
  • Hopefully this puts some price pressure on the carriers that have coverage.
  • Ha, so true. It has been shown though that the majority of customers don't even hit 2GB per month so I don't know if the others will follow this one, but if say ATT just decided to drop the price a bit, well, that could be even better.
  • Who cares go to T mobile ask about windows you get I phone 6
    Or remember the 810 half ass sales team promised updates then boom its not us it's Nokia say the truth if you don't get paid to sell it you tell everyone you hate it and sell them something for commission grow some balls Microsoft stop fucking helping t mobile until they help move windows phone not that they should only sell WP but if the salesman only wants to show you what is best for him then you lost before going to the store cause they have the ability to talk you out a phone into a phone that sucks but make them money.
  • That's so funny but true at all carriers. A few days ago I went to an ATT store for a SIM and decided to mess with them. They had an older LG Optimus on display so I asked if that was the G3. They told me ya, that's it. I asked what happened to the buttons on the back, and they still were convinced it was a G3. They would have sold it to me as an uninforned consumer until I actually pulled a G3 out of my pocket and showed them. Those sales people have NO clue as to what they are even selling. It almost makes me want to go work there so I can at least explain the phones to people whether they are i, A, or WP.
  • No thanks. I'll keep my call reception
  • I can't find it on T-Mobile's site. Where is it?
  • Omg so expensive.. Theres is unlimited plan with 1gb for one line for 6€
  • Switched to Tmo 3 months ago from the big red machine, coverage is better for both talk and LTE. Cut my bill by 2/3.
    My only request is a better selection of WP. We are using unlocked Att phones for now.
  • I wanted to like Tmobile.   I live in New Orleans and San Diego.   In New Orleans it could not be worse.  In San Diego it sucks too.   I switched to ATT and the service is much better.  No dropped calls or no signal messages.   Tmobile needs to get their act together rather than just rtrying to offer a different tricky plan every month.