Toast launches gorgeous leather Surface Book covers

Toast has made a name for itself with excellent wood skins for Surfaces, MacBooks, and laptops from a wide range of other manufacturers, but it's expanding its horizons with a new stylish material for Surface Book owners: leather. If you can justify the price tag, Toast is now offering $100 leather covers for the whole range of Surface Books, including the original and the Surface Book 2.

In all, there are ten colors to choose from, ranging from a standard scotch finish to more adventurous options like yellow and pink. There are even two metallic finishes to pick from if you're feeling particularly bold.

The $100 price nets you a cover for the rear of the display, but you can also add a hinge cover for an extra $20. a bottom cover and trackpad surround are also available for $60 and $30, respectively. On top of those options, you can add a custom design or custom etched text for $30 and $5, respectively.

In other words, things can get expensive real fast if you want to go all out.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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