Todoist integrates itself with Evernote, Google Calendar, and GitHub

The popular to-do list service is adding requested integration support for three external services. You'll be able to connect to Evernote, Google Calendar and GitHub, allowing you to synchronize notes, tasks and photos to and from Evernote. Google Calendar will let you make changes to tasks with 2-way sync, and view them with due dates on calendar views. Finally, with the GitHub integration, you'll be assigning said list entries to other people and turning issues into tasks.

For developers, the Todoist team will allow them to easily create extensions with a webhook URL to tap into the experience users enjoy. All actions by those registered with the application will generate external requests automatically. For example: marking a task completed in Todoist will also do the same on Evernote. Some other neat features are also available to devs, so we recommend you check out the official website for more details.

Global Developer Challenge

As an incentive for developers, Todoist will be giving away over $10,000 in prizes in the company's first global developer challenge.

"The challenge will last one month, until July 6th, 2015, and is an opportunity for developers from anywhere around the world to enter their Todoist integration ideas for a chance to win impressive cash and merchandise prizes. "

The team will be looking at the published entries on GitHub, which must be open source. You can submit your entries here, and winners will be confirmed on July 21. Don't be down if you're not a developer, as the team will put you into a draw to win a free t-shirt every Tuesday throughout the challenge by simply sharing the hashtags #Todoist and #DevChallenge.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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