Todoist update brings cleaner design and new productivity features

Popular task management app Todoist got a bit of a revamp on the web today, bringing along some design revamps, including a new icon. More importantly, the web and desktop interfaces have picked up some fantastic improvements to bring it in-line with its mobile apps, along with optimizations to its mobile web experience. Here's the lengthy breakdown of what's new for Todoist:

  • Add tasks faster than ever with the intelligent Quick Add: Just type all of your task details like task name, priority level, labels, and due dates into the same task name field. The natural language Quick Add will automatically recognize, highlight, and categorize each piece of information for you.
  • Add advanced recurring due dates to your tasks: Add complex tasks like "go for a run every other day starting today and ending december 15th" to your to-do lists. The intelligent date parser that powers Quick Add is available in 14 languages and recognizes 300+ natural language rules in each, making your recurring due date options virtually limitless.
  • Attach comments as you create a new task with Quick Comment: Just click on the speech bubble icon while adding a new to-do to your list. You'll be able to add all of the relevant details to your new task right from the start.
  • Locate the information you need right away with Quick Find: Using Quick Find in the navigation bar, you can now type any search query and immediately view the results in the drop-down menu including tasks, projects, labels, and filters.
  • Manage your tasks on mobile: The new Todoist web app is optimized for screens of any size. You can now visit from your smartphone or tablet and access the beautiful and easy-to-use task management app you've come to enjoy on the web.

Todoist also now has some more customization options, allowing you to change the color of the top navigation bar, along with a responsive design that changes when you adjust window sizes. If you're an avid Todoist user, you can check out the new experience at the link below.

As an aside, the new Windows 10 app from Todoist is apparently progressing nicely. Following the initial alpha test, if all goes according to plan the app should hit the next stage within the next month or so. With a dedicated Windows developer on board now, we're keen to see where Todoist goes on the platform in the future.

Check out the new Todoist

Source: Todoist

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  • Ewww, a new icon!
  • Faster!
  • I wonder how this will compare to Wunderlist?
  • I dont know about todist, but wunderlist UWA is not that good, i would rate it 6/10 overall. but it works, sort of.
  • Todoist is leaps and bounds better than Wunderlist, IMO. Much more feature rich, but still quite easy to use. Best GTD service out there in my experience. And it has an unofficial WP app (TaskCrunch) that will (hopefully) soon be made official because its dev was hired by Todoist
  • Indeed, I moved from Wunderlist to ToDoist some time ago and even got a premium membership to support them (£18/yr). The free version is already fully capable and was enough for my need, but I believe they are worth supporting. The TaskCrunch (very good ToDoist app for WP) developer is now working on an official ToDoist Windows 10 Universal app, currently on beta. I have recently applied for beta testing, but no news so far... Hopefully they will release a first version soon. Now that Microsoft have acquired Wunderlist, let's see what they will do with it in the future, but for now I stick with ToDoist... I use MS Project on a daily basis, and like ToDoist for its straightforwardness and ease of use... (ToDoist is a task management tools, not project management tool). I also use it for GTD... brilliant and fully customisable to my needs, with labels, custom filters, templates etc Fully recommended as a good and simple task / daily ToDo management.
  • You really have to draw the line at some point between a to do list and a calendar appointment
  • Wouldn't that line be the appointment part?
  • Why should I use todoist instead of Wunderlist?
  • Eu dunno... But you're gonna have more options!! ;D
  • Wunderlist seems to have potential to be great, but has very simple, very basic, "attractively designed", features now. Sadly, they haven't been responding to their "Users Voice" web site requests for additional necessary "basic" features. I think they could be a game changing, powerful solution to itemize and track a multiple hierarchy of tasks, for multiple projects, but they currently don't seem to be responding. Maybe they want to be just a to do list with a few outline levels. We're looking for something more sophisticated and ToDoIst has been suggested.
  • If i'm not wrong Wunderlist was bought by microsoft.
  • That apps really looks beautiful!
    I wished they will make Universal Apps soon, full-feature. :D
  • See the last part of the post. They're already making a Windows 10 app. They acquired TaskCrunch and its developer to work specifically on Windows.
  • I wonder what came out of Microsoft's purchase of Wunderlist?
  • The new todoist update has broken Todoist, from Hero to Zero same as Tapatalk.....they HAVE to revert, look at thier help section, its rediculous.
  • Is this app available for Android? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android