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Toilet People board game makes a splash as today's Windows Phone myAppFree Deal

Toilet People is a 3D board game where you have to navigate across a series of tiles and be the first to reach the finish line. The tiles are laid out with plenty of intersections where you can pick the path of least resistance and many of the tiles are deliver consequences good and bad (e.g. lose a turn, move back five spaces, swap places with a player, etc.).

This Windows Phone game is normally priced at $1.99, but with the help of the myAppFree campaign today you can pick up Toilet People free. It is a good opportunity to save a little money and add a fun time killer to your Windows Phone gaming library.

Toilet People

Toilet People does have support for up to four players or you can compete against a series of computerized opponents. Gaming Avatars are customizable with the ability to use your Windows Phone camera to capture a players mugshot to use.

Gameplay is fairly elementary with a roll of the dice to determine how many tiles you can advance. The majority of the tiles will have consequences, some good and some bad. For example, one tile may move you forward a few extra spaces while another may cost you a turn. There is a slight element of strategy in playing Toilet People when you come across a game board intersection, but for the most part, gameplay relies on luck for success.

Toilet People

This title has been around for some time, and in revisiting Toilet People, we agree with other Windows Phone users that it is a fun time waster of a game. The Windows Phone game is regularly priced at $1.99, but through the myAppFree promotion, you can pick it up free today.

The deal should be live in all markets, but there was a bug preventing the deal from showing up in the Windows 10 Store. It looks like that issue has been sorted out and the deal appears to be live across the board.

Download Toilet People for Windows Phone

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  • It is not free for WP10...
  • Read the AppFree,they have problem with Windows 10
  • It's working now. Shows as free for me in USA.
  • Still not free in Indonesia
  • just check it and it's free now
  • Today its free :D
  • Work at Lumia 640 xl dual sim with USA region.
  • When MS going to fix the store? We are missing all free apps!
  • Thanks devs.
  • Already got it free from another "myappfree" deal year or more ago. :D
  • Not free on window 10 mobile build 10586.71 in India
  • It's problem in windows 10 store
  • I tried to re-downloading this some days ago.and it never installed and had to settle for the lite version well looks like I can get it again through my app free.