These are the top 10 phones that Windows 10 Mobile aficionados use

New figures collected from AdDuplex reveal how enthusiast Windows 10 Mobile users compare to regular ones. It should be of little surprise that more hardcore fans lean towards higher-end devices when compared to non-techy folks. However, we now can see how the categories directly differ by specific phone models.

The first set of data from regular users comes from AdDuplex's in-app advertising network found on Windows 10 and Mobile. To define the "enthusiast" category, AdDuplex pulled data collected from AppRaisin, which is an app that lets users vote and recommend other apps to users. The assumption here, which is likely accurate, is that only hardcore fans will take the time to vote, comment on, share, and promote apps on the Windows 10 Mobile platform.

The distribution varies dramatically between the groups especially when it comes to the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL. For regular users, both phones rank #5 and #9, respectively. Those rankings shift, however, for enthusiasts. In that group, the Lumia 950 XL comes in #3, and the Lumia 950 is actually below it at #4.

So not only do fans use higher-end phones, but even within the Lumia 950/XL category they skew towards the bigger, slightly more powerful Microsoft device.

Windows 10 Mobile Distribution: Global vs. Enthusiast

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1Lumia 535Lumia 640
2Lumia 640Lumia 640 XL
3Lumia 550Lumia 950 XL
4Lumia 640 XLLumia 950
5Lumia 950Lumia 535
6Lumia 930Lumia 930
7Lumia 650Lumia 730
8Lumia 730Lumia 1520
9Lumia 950 XLLumia 830
10Lumia 830Lumia 735

Another point of interest is the appearance in the top ten list of the Lumia 1520 (#8) for enthusiasts despite its absence for regular users.

The Lumia 1520 was at the time of its release one of the most popular 'phablets' in the Windows Phone ecosystem. With its Windows 10 Mobile update, it is still hanging on for the devoted fan.

While it is well-known aficionados of technology veer towards the more expensive experience, it is still fascinating to see exactly how the two groups differ. The Lumia 1520, like the Lumia 920, will no doubt go down as a "classic" Windows phone amongst fans.

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About AdDuplex

The numbers from AdDuplex are collected through their in-app advertising that is prevalent in over 5,000 apps in the Windows Store. That data serve as an important metric within the Windows Phone ecosystem. The full AdDuplex report for July will be posted on their blog at on Friday (July 22).

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