Torchlight III is unlocking its third and final act in early access on June 30

Torchlight III Econok
Torchlight III Econok (Image credit: Perfect World Entertainment)

What you need to know

  • Early access players of Torchlight III will have access to a new zone June 30.
  • The game's third and final act takes place in Echonok, home of a fallen dwarven civilization.
  • The update expands the story and adds numerous new dungeons with their own bosses, enemies, and loot.

Players of Torchlight III, which is currently on early access on Steam, will have access to the game's third and final act on June 30. A trailer provides a first glimpse of Echonok, a new zone filled with dungeons with unique enemies, bosses, and loot.

Echonok's jagged peaks and steep cliffs were once home to a dwarven civilization that built marvels of engineering and left behind hostile, steam-powered automotons. A race of vulture-like scavengers called the Vultura has also moved in and used some of their technology to become cyborgs. Players will have to hack and slash their way through both to complete their quest to stop an invasion by the demonic Netherim.

Samantha Nelson