Torrex Surface Edition takes torrents to your tablet

BitTorrent doesn't exactly have the best reputation in the mainstream due to its widespread usage for pirating software and media. However, it can be a useful tool for sharing content and downloading large files quickly, mainly when you are on the go with your Surface or other Windows tablet. With Torrex Surface Edition, it doesn't matter if you have a tablet running the full version of Windows 8 or an RT-powered tablet. You can get touch-friendly torrenting anywhere you go.

Finebits OU, the developers of Torrex Surface Edition, describe it as a "full-featured BitTorrent client" for Windows 8. They aren't kidding.

Torrex Surface Edition works on x86, x64 and ARM-based devices. It lets you download any torrent or magnet link, either inputting torrent links you already have or by finding them right from Torrex's built-in search feature. Downloads will continue to run in snap mode or the background.

Hands down, the coolest feature of Torrex is the built-in media player, which allows you to watch videos or listen to music from torrents as you download them. Streaming music can also be listened to in the background while Torrex is minimized.

As for other features, Torrex Surface Edition gives you control over every aspect of you downloads and uploads. You can choose what folder you want to save files to and whether or not to use background downloading. You can fine tune your bandwidth settings, encrypt your outgoing traffic, and randomize what ports you use.

There are plenty of non-technical options as well. You can select one of the five different search engines to power the built-in in search field. You can also change the theme and background of Torrex, including using Bing's daily background.

What's great about Torrex Surface Edition is how touch-friendly it is. Because it is a modern-style app, everything can be without a mouse or keyboard. That makes it convenient to use on any device.

Conclusion and Confusion

But as good as an app as it is, I recommend you do not buy it.

Instead, take a look at Torrex Pro, also by Finebits OU. It is every bit as good as the Surface Edtion. In fact, the only difference I could find between the two is that each has different themes to choose from. You can also grab the 'Lite' version, which is free and ad-supported.

The benefit of getting Torrex Pro is that it is a universal app. If you buy it for Windows 8, you also get it for Windows Phone and vice-versa.

If you buy it from the Windows Phone Store first, you also get it for $3.99, instead of the $7.99 that it costs in the Windows Store. Why wouldn't you just get it for both platforms and save yourself four bucks in the process?

Either way, if you are in search of a modern-style BitTorrent app for your Surface or any other Windows 8 device for that matter, Torrex is the way to go.

**Also, all of these apps do work on Windows RT devices like the Surface 2. The Torrex Surace Edition and Torrex Pro both work on such devices with no issues.

  • :) Good info for those who use Torrents.
  • As usual, ignorance breeds hatred. Torrenting has been used in many games for patching. It's sad that the masses don't understand that. Glad you guys spread the word a bit.
  • Lol. So funny everyone pretends they don't use it to pirate. Its actually hilarious.
  • And don't bother trying to say you don't because lying is pathetic. #sosad #sadpanda
  • I never said I didn't. It's quite sad that you feel the need to try and point out something that I didn't attempt to hide. Truth is though, torrents are a far more efficient way to get things like game patches and dickheads like yourself only want to point out the piracy, which just the amount of legal uses it gets.
  • But it is used mostly for illegal stuff... end. you want to cover the truth, fine. but it doesn't mean it's not true. yeah you can get many legal stuff through torrents, linux distros, games, patches, I remember last time I played Aion, it used a torrent stuff to download the files. but of course, with all that legal stuff, it doesn't change the fact that Torrents are mostly is used for illegal activities, especially when it comes to tablets and phones, I am sure most people won't download legal games and patches and Aion or a linux distro there...
  • Torrents have legitimate uses??????
    (sarcasm by the way)
  • Well, at the moment I am downloading a Linux distro (Ubuntu) on my phone through Torrex because my HDD died. :) With a Linux distro on a USB, I could at least boot up my PC and use it for some work.
  • You are right.
    But let's be honest: everything can be used in a good or bad way.
    The fact that torrent and p2p systems are mainly used for piracy, that doesn't means they are "evil" on their own. Last but not least, piracy is mostly an excuse.
    I cracked office when I was younger, but that doesn't mean I would have paid for it. If I couldn't crack it, I would have used other programs. Now that I can afford it, I bought it.
    Same with movies, I would have never paid for watching some things pretending to be movies.
    Downloaded does not equal to not sold.
    I have downloaded the extended lotr trilogy, and after that I liked it and I bought it in br.
    If you do a quality product, you do not have to worry about piracy. Last example. I have an hp laptop with win 8. The only way to make a clean install is to illegally download an iso of Windows and then activate it with your license.
    In this case piracy is the only way to do what you have legally right to do
  • If you activated windows 8 with your licence then its not illegal. Personally I download movies from it all the time, but there is no chance in hell I would ever have paid for them. I have the movie channels with Sky, so within a year of release Id probably get them anyway, so if I couldn't get them illegally now, I would just wait. There are some exceptions, Im a fan of films by Xavier Dolan, which don't get released in the UK, so illegal download it has to be. Still waiting for the new one Mommy. You cant even order a dvd from another country, as it wouldn't work in a UK dvd player, unless you get one unlocked for all regions, which I understand has the same implications as downloading a film, due to the taxes etc. Most of the internet providers in the UK blocked torrent sites, which meant it was a little more annoying for a while, having to connect my surface to my phone in order to get the .torrent file, then reconnect through virgin to download the movie. But since I found using opera browser gets around all the blocks its nice and easy again and Im back to it, downloading top gun right now, since ive never seen it... Have no guilt over that either, since its 30 years old and will have been on tv many many times lol
  • Oh and if the cinema wasn't such a god-aweful place to go, with noisy popcorn packets being rustled everywhere, and noisy ice in drinks, perhaps more people would go there and pay £16 a ticket, instead of downloading it in 1min 20secs, to watch in the comfort of their own home, on a better quality screen
  • I've had torrex for some time now. Utorrent isn't very touch-friendly.
  • I've using utorrent for almost 5 years, never disappointed
  • "µtorrent"
  • qBittorrent is better. It's open source and isn't jamed full of ads.
  • You can disable ads quite easily in utorrent if you just go into advanced preferences and turn off a couple of settings.
  • But you can't run it on a Windows RT.
  • I already hace to watch some Anime OVA, pretty cool
  • Even in my sp2
  • This program is a HUGE resource hog. it makes my surface almost unusable if I'm downloading torrents. other than that, it works fine. So dev team of torrex, if youre reading this, please make it less resource intensive!
  • Usually use utorrent but now the metadata laws have hit australia and the crack down on file sharing. I don't dare use it :(
  • Set up a VPN! They'll think your Bob from Canada.
  • BTguard
  • Usenet. Torrents are for amateurs
  • Usenet if you want to pay for what you get free through torrent.
  • i'll stick to DS Download for my synology. Initiate a download from my phone or any PC at home, and my Synology nas takes care of it for me.
  • It's a fantastic app, like the others from Finebits, great developers. 8zip, Files & Folders and Torrex are a must have for every windows tablet, especially on Windows RT. Since they are all universal apps I have them even on my Lumia!
  • Totally agree, I have 8zip and Torrex on all my Windows devices.
  • Definitely
  • But does Torrex Pro support Windows RT? Seth only mentioned Windows 8 and Windows phone...which might be why this Surface Edition exists.
  • That rationalization does make some sense, but unfortunately, it does not bear out. Torrex Pro can install to RT devices too, so there is no difference.
  • Ahh, good to know. Guess i know which one I'll be downloading and on which platform. Thanks for the info Seth and the clarification Daniel.
  • No problem. I updated the article to reflect that to avoid further confusion ;)
  • Hey thats one advantage of having a Windows Phone vs other. You can buy a universal app for cheap in cases like this. If devs do this I think it will be awesome. It favors Windows Phone vs other phones, but you can still buy Windows app but for little more.
  • Ubuntu and uTorrent on my Thinkpad x220 never fail.
  • Thanks for commenting on a Windows article then that talks about Torrex pro.
  • Ubuntu blows. Unity is terrible. Mint (Debian) is way better.
  • 1337 hax00rs in the house with their completely un-userfriendly OS. Look how good at computering they are!
  • lhikzsxaeasefrc;nli;lisawe4t.,h zfeX.,hk...  right?
  • because that's relevant to the article.... But then I am sure you only wanted attention. hope you are happy you got some, is your life complete now?
  • Been using torrex pro for some time now on my Rt with no problems. Great app if you need to download torrents.
  • Funny thing: I was looking for a flv player that would play full hd movies. After i bought some i discpvered the player inside torrex :)
  • The developers make quality apps.
    I noticed something with Torrex Pro though (RT) ... Once the screen turns off, the app pauses whatever its doing.
  • WP as well...
  • It depends on the speed of the connection, sometimes it goes on even in the background.
  • On my L730 with preview update, it uses more data than the actual torrent data. For a 2GB file it happened to download 15GB and only 26% was downloaded. It happened with other files to but at least 98% was downloaded and I used WPtorrent to complete the download. I sent the screenshots to the developer and they are working on it.
  • I use Vuze, nice to have options though.
  • I always used magnets, but how to do inputting through links?
  • Utorrent much better. Hoping they will have a modern version.
  • On Windows phone, wpTorrent Pro or go home. :)
  • If my Surface pro 3 is in connected standby, will torrex still continue the download? Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Torrenting
  • I downloaded torrex pro on my surface rt along time ago for free.
    Strange that it costs now. Oh well I still get it free on my phone now. Thanks universal apps. And thanks for the article.