Toshiba’s 5-in-1 Concept PC is a look into the wild future of computers

CES is a great place to see tech that is coming out in the next year or so. It’s also a great place to see some concepts for where consumer technology will be in three, five, ten years or even further! Toshiba has a concept computer that they’re calling a “5-in-1”. That’s right, this shape-shifting concept PC combines five designs into one device. Here it is.

What are the five modes you get with this concept PC? This is what Toshiba says:

  • Laptop mode
  • Canvas mode
  • Tablet mode
  • Presentation / TV mode
  • Convertible Tablet mode

They’re more or less self-explanatory. Laptop mode is where this concept PC will work just as you’d expect, like a laptop. The device gets a little more exciting when you look at how it transforms. You can flip the keyboard around and get a machine that’s ideal for drafting or drawing with its built-in digitizer pen. Remove the keyboard and then rotate the base to turn the concept PC into a TV mode. This is ideal for giving presentations or enjoying some content on your screen. Get to tablet mode by completely removing the keyboard/base from the screen. The final mode is the convertible tablet, where the machine acts like the Lenovo Yoga when you rotate the keyboard completely around.

This concept PC won’t be available anytime soon, but it’s an exciting look at what the future of Windows could look like. 

Sam Sabri
  • It's good to see some original thought going into what a computer is going to look like in the near future.
  • Agreed, and they should just go ahead and take my money.
  • Keep it coming.
  • Now thats what I'm talking about. This is the whole point of Windows 8. To make PCs like this so flexible. If the end product is polished and well thought out, I'd consider this instead of a Surface Pro for my desktop replacement.
  • Not sure, this kind of feels like an expansion of the swivel and collapse touch screen laptop/tablets of Windows XP days. I think the 5 in 1 term is a little liberal... Still, kudos to Toshiba for a trying out some funky new ideas, far better than having a stagnant marketplace!
  • +925 on every point. I wish Toshiba had opted for a trackpad or even a mini-trackball for this design, instead of the mini-joystick. Otherwise, nice to see a new design.
  • Damn, I was hoping one of the modes was going to be phone service
  • So can someone explain is this like the currently available Yoga or there is a deeper picture that I'm missing.
  • The "trick" here is that the keyboard piece is two pieces. You can remove the keyboard and leave the stub or remove the keyboard and stub. The stub acts as the stand to support the panel piece
  • Microsoft should adapt to new ways of computing
  • Confused...
  • Wwwhhaaaattttttttt?
  • Can I just say, I think there needs to be a re-do of the video intro for wpcentral. I mean it's nice and all, but first off the first half isn't very metro, and secondly it takes far too long. When I start up a WPcentral video, every time without fail, I let out a sigh and have to skip a good 30 seconds of the video because it feels like I'm wasting time. I've seen it once, I'm over it. And then daniel usually adds another 10second voice intro and it's like so draining and painful. Just a wee tip, a more concise video would attract more viewers. (Refer to TheVerge CES youtube videos. Most are quick and snappy bits of information. Love them.)
  • Different people, different styles... Not every body has your tastes, some of us like this (like me), so please try not to sound like it's such a painful process because u aren't losing a limb here lol. I thought this was too short in fact, opposite to you.
  • Okay so maybe I shouldn't have grouped two opinions here. The video length is obviously debatable, it does depend what you like. (Though at CES I feel it's important to have many short videos and a couple of longer videos for more interesting items, just because of the sheer size or the convention). My main quarrel is the intro. Yes, the length of the content itself is indeed subject to opinion.
  • Now that makes more sense. I guess you might be right there, who knows haha I guess I dont feel it because im usually doing several things but yeah, we all have different opinions, which is good :)
  • Not a whole lot more than the Yoga then? Embedded 3G/4G connectivity would be nice (without dongles that is). With 5 modes I was kinda expecting at least dual OS with a separate mobile mode or something. Still, I kinda like that more brands are investing on the hybrid design.
  • Someone seriously using an iPad to take pictures or record? Smh -_-
  • I noticed that too... it is alarmingly becoming a growing trend these days. I saw couple teenagers taking selfies with an iPad last weekend at west fields shopping centre (i guess some of you would call it a shopping mall?)
  • haha i was going to comment on this but you beat me to the punch
  • I just don't get it. They could use something better like say..a Nokia Lumia 1020/1520?
  • Who is that idiot recording or taking pick with that stupid iPad, I know he has a phone.
  • Neat but, Isn't a lot of these "convertables" like this anyway these days (yea, it's slimmer and sleaker)? Where you can get a Laptop and a Tablet in one that Intel is promoting the heck(wanted to use a different word) out of right now....   Neat concept but, Not sure if I would be interested, as it's got these features I would BET it would have a very high price to go along with it... When there are a lot of other options that would provide almost the same features for a lot lower price.
  • meh!