The Toshiba K01, K02 and L01 appear

The CEATEC show is under way in Japan, and AkihabaraNews [via wmpoweruser] has spied some goodies from Toshiba that we previously saw on a leaked roadmap.

Above you see the Toshiba K01, with its monsterous (though not quite as big as the HTC HD2) 4.1-inch capacitive screen, horizontal slider keyboard (hmmmmm ... We'll have to think about the diamond-shaped keys) and Windows Mobile 6.5.

And after the break ...

The K02, a 3.5-inch double clamshell (Courier, anyone?) with a pair of WVGA screens. There's supposed to be a keyboard ... somewhere.

Then there's the L01, which dispenses with the attached keyboard and goes with a WGVA screen and Windows Mobile 6.5 for more of a mini-MID feel.

Very cool, but don't expect to see them around these parts anytime soon.

Phil Nickinson

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