Toshiba TG01 shipped with virus

Oopsie. Apparently a few Toshiba TG01s (those are the Snapdragon-powered, massive-screened phones we've been gushing over a bit) sold in July shipped with a virus. And, no, we're not talking about the funky user interface. [via unwired view]

Through the virus caused damage at O2 have not been reported. Toshiba is currently assessing the impact and the cause. We want as quickly as possible to clarify to what a virus is involved and how the virus on the memory cards could reach. From the beginning of next week, the TG01 again be distributed.

No word, though, on what sort of trouble the virus caused, and this appears confined to O2, so no need to run out and buy virus protection for your phone, especially since the TG01 isn't even available in the United States. And for more on smartphones and viruses, check out our previous story.

Phil Nickinson

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