Toshiba TG02 passes WiFi certification - now what the heck is it?

When last we saw the Toshiba TG02, we were looking at a leaked photo that might or might not have pointed to another slab form factor like its little brother, the TG01.

Now things get a little muddy, or possibly lost in translation. Dutch site [via] has spotted the TG02 going through the WiFi Alliance [pdf link] and notes that the TG02 is a clamshell phone. But the model number is listed as TM5-EO1, which Unwired View reminds us is definitely not a clamshell phone and in fact is the FCC code for the TG01.

So what does it all mean? Heck if we know. But there is a TG02 floating around out there somewhere, and we did see a rumor that the TG01 was getting some CDMA love, so maybe things are along those lines. Or maybe it's something completely different. Or ... Or ...

Phil Nickinson

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