Touch Pro 2 pricing trickles out

When it comes to buying a phone, you've got a few options. There's the official, carrier-subsidized route, which generally is the cheapest option. You get a discount on the phone in exchange for signing a contract with the carrier, usually for two years. There's the third-party route, such as eBay and Craigslist, which sometimes can help you find a deal, though generally not as good as with a carrier subsidy.

The most expensive way to buy a phone normally is "unlocked," meaning that it's not tied to a carrier. If the phone radio has the correct frequencies, you can use it on T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, whatever.

We've already seen pricing for the HTC Touch Diamond 2, which unlocked will run between $500 and $600. Now we're starting to see pricing for the Touch Pro 2. And you're going to have to dig deeper for this one. In Singapore, an unlocked TP2 is gonna cost you a decent laptop, or about $880. Ouch.

So, either start saving those pennies now, or be prepared to wait for the carriers to release it later this year.

HTC (opens in new tab) via Unwired View

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  • Eeeek - thats not great
  • Ouch.
  • deleted
  • Wow, that is way too expensive. Hopefully, it won't be that expensive.
  • Right now the price isnt the problem,,,,, its the lack of AT&T bands right? This thing will only get edge (no 3G) in the US right?
  • Yep, but that won't stop people from importing them in the meantime.
  • Plus, you can always hope for the hardware being there and just turned off... ROM-hacking galore!
  • Oh but if we only knew for sure....
    I'd have a Diamond Two crossing the pond today!
  • I doubt they would release the phone with the possibility of the ROM being hackable and therefore allow the US 3G. I would think if this would be the case wouldn't everybody but it overseas for less???????
  • True but you can always hope... :)
  • I like your attitude.
  • Not worth it for that sort of price. US$500 - 600 would probably be my limit for what I'd pay for any phone unless it's absolutely incredible, with a week of battery life used extremely heavily.
  • I guess this non-USA Touch Pro II would be OK for users here in the US if they didnt stream. Internet would be slow though. I love to stream pandora and shoutcast so this would be a terrible divice right now. Before my town went to 3G I simply had to put up with music buffering/pauses :( P.S. Why cant I view this article and replies in the regular forum format with avatars and everything else?
  • Comments are now separate from the forums. Just the way it is.
  • You bring up a good point that I've been wrestling with since the Omnia came out "unlocked" last year. I'm with AT&T and I figured if I'm going to spend over $500 on an unlocked phone, it better have 3G speeds. However, I don't stream (at least as of now). I do, once in a while, check the internet for sports scores and some web hunting while I'm at the airport. But I would use the phone for calls, emails, and multimedia messaging. So having said that..I've always been tempted to get a phone only with EDGE but concerned about the speeds.
  • In Singapore, HTC Touch Pro2 will retail for $1,328 SGD wow...tat's like 50% of my salary and for that price I can get a decent laptop in Singapore!
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