TouchPal lets you swipe away at your keyboard on your Windows 8 machine

You might be interested in checking out TouchPal if you’re running Windows 8 on an Intel based machine. TouchPal is a brand new keyboard for your touchscreen monitors that adds a little variety to your onscreen keyboard options.

Some old you old timers might remember Swype, it came with the Samsung i8000 running Windows Mobile and later jumped over to Android. TouchPal works fairly similar to Swype in that you slide and swipe your finger around the screen to spell words. You’re constantly gliding and only need to lift your finger from the screen to select a word or start a new one. TouchPal also uses its own form of contextual prediction algorithms to help get an idea of what word you’re attempting to spell when gliding around the screen. Check out the video below to get an idea of TouchPal in action.

The best part about this little keyboard? How inexpensive it is for you to play with on your Surface Pro or other Windows 8 x86 device. Free. Unfortunately for myself, I don't have a touchscreen on any Windows 8 device yet (Surface RT, but that can't run this), so feel free to tell us how you like it in the comments below.

You can check out TouchPaul for Windows 8 here.

Sam Sabri