Tower 57 will bring retro steampunk thrills to Xbox One, Windows 10 with Play Anywhere

Fans of retro-style twin-stick shooters will want to pay attention to one of the latest games announced with Xbox Play Anywhere support, Tower 57. Coming soon to Xbox One and Windows 10, Tower 57 looks to offer some solidly retro action as you battle your way through a steampunk-inspired tower with new twists around every corner.

From Xbox Wire:

Players must also be aware of ​Tower 57​'s treacherous interior. It may look alluring, even beautiful, offering some seemingly harmless distractions — it's one of the last enclaves of humanity in our dystopian, dieselpunk world — but don't forget that you were summoned here for a reason. ​Your main objective is to discover the mystery of this Megatower while making things go boom in the process.

Along your journey through the tower, you'll wield wild, upgradeable weapons and find items strewn about each floor. Co-op will also feature prominently, allowing you to team up with someone either locally or online, with plenty of complimentary skills to boot.

There's no word on when Tower 57 will arrive, but we should hear much more about the game in the coming months.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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