Trade in your old phone for up to $300 with HTC's new "Trade Up" program

Not long before their big event today in New York City, HTC has announced a new endeavor called "HTC Trade Up." As the name suggests, the Trade Up program lets you trade in your old smartphone (as long as it is in working condition) for up to $300 toward a new HTC phone.

Here's how it works: Firstly, you need to get a quote for your current device by going to the source link below. After that, you purchase a new HTC smartphone, and mail in your old one. HTC will then send you a prepaid Visa card for the amount that was quoted to you. Quotes are good for 30 days.

This is not-so-quietly brilliant move on HTC's part. They have been struggling lately, losing ground to the likes of Nokia, Samsung and Apple. With the unveiling of their 8-series of Windows Phone 8 devices less than an hour away, this is great way to generate buzz and drum up some business. Hopefully, HTC's new offerings will be impressive enough to entice consumers to trade up.

Source: HTC; Via: GottaBeMobile

  • Not availble to Canadian customers.
  • Not surprised, but I checked to see what they would give for a Lumia 800 and it was only $100. Im hoping Nokia does something like this and actually makes it available in Canada.
  • I just checked for myself, $35 for HD7
    better sell your phone on your own
  • Well it's nice but rather complicated. Prepaid visa ?? Why not just a discount when you buy ?
  • Actually the reason is pretty simple. In order to do a discount they have to rely on someone else (like Best Buy, or AT&T or whoever you buy your new phone from). That other party must then mail in the phones they have received in order for HTC to refund them the money.. It's more complex then just discounting the price, and more people have to touch the phones. 
    This way it's only HTC that is handling the switch.. third parties tend to want extra money to cover the costs of handling the product, etc, so giving you $300 amounts to say $350 (or more) when you are talking about someone else handling it..
  • Nice touch really
  • oh my, this might just persuade me to upgrade with HTC until the next gen Lumia flagships are unveiled next Spring, especially off contract with Verizon.
  • $20 for a EVO 4G trade in, underwhelmed to say the least.
  • $40 trade-up for HTC Trophy....that killed the fun quick.
  • Thanks for posting, I wont even waste time trying to figure the trade-up value.  $40???
  • At least they could give close to fair market value for the phones. $40 for a VZW trophy is a joke. For $40 I would just keep it as a backup phone or put it on ebay for $100
  • $40 for the Trophy is twice the amount I paid for mine in the first place. :) Best $20 I ever spent!
  • I know my jaw dropped when I checked the upgrade too. I can't complain toooo much, I got mine for free, on contract no less.
  • $50 for EVO 3D in perfect condition. This is useless.
  • $75 for HTC Titan, nice joke..
  • $75 for a perfect Titan. I don't think so.
  • Woo-hoo! $35 for my HD7 on TMoUS! Well, at least HTC made the effort, and I do appreciate that.
  • Thanks for checking. I would rather keep my phone to use like a zune or whatever than sell it for $35
  • I will be putting a custom rom on my HD7. There is already one for WP7.8 out. I plan to do this after I get a WP8 phone in November.
  • This will be a huge hit - and maybe force Nokia to do it as they tend to respond to things like this... look @ Yahoo for example.
  • I think it would be if the trades were worth a damn. When i first saw this i was considering getting an 8x instead of 920 or ativ, but for $35 I'd rather keep it as a backup and get a phone i really want.
  • Have an HD7 btw.
  • $30 for an Arrive.
    Clearly NOT brilliant.
  • I was about to say the same thing.. I got $0 for an old PPC 6700 I have here..
    Not brilliant..
  • "Up to $300." What gives you $300, an unreleased HTC 8X? No thanks, I'll trade in at Best Buy; at least I get $60 there for my Focus instead of the $35 HTC is offering.
  • Only thing i found that gives you $300 is 64GB iphone 4s
  • How much money were you guys expecting for your 1st Gen devices? Seriously, $30 really isn't bad considering those phones are 18 months old
  • Market value plus a little something..? Otherwise no point in this.
  • Well, you can't really expect Market Value...that is just silly...
    But an old 1st Gen phone can get $100 no problem.  I'd say $75 would be fair to not have to deal with Ebay/Craigslist.  A Titan-type phone can get $200-$250, I'd say $150 to $200 would be a good amount, not $75 obviously.
  • Seriously, man.
  • Go look at the used phone prices and you'll see why the buy back makes no sense.  HD7 will still go for around $200
  • Hmm... 175$ for my Lumia 900 which I got for -$80 because of that $100 dollars credit.... Very enticing indeed even though I'm stuck in contract for a couple years....
  • Wish they'd announce non contract pricing for the 8x. Might have jumped on it if I just had to pay less than 100$.
  • Yep, I was just thinking the same thing.
  • Enticing for me too. I bought the lumia 900 at launch (ended up w/ a $50 credit) even though I knew it wouldn't be upgradeable. Was planning on the 920 but I'm loving the thinness, colors and design of the 8x. $175 makes the unsubsidized price a lot easier to swallow. Decisions, decisions.
  • 50 dollars for the radar. Wack.
  • Agreed...
  • How's this, I'll offer people double what HTC is offering ??? :)
  • $350 for my lumia...sold!
  • I'll sell you my Lumia for $350 right now.  Seriously.
  • Lol LG Quantum $0. Best Buy's trade up program is better than that at least.
  • Just wondering, what device are they willing to pay $300 for ???
  • excellent quesiton...maybe the OneX??
  • It's credit for a new HTC not other phones. Great idea by HTC keeps customers hooked to them. Great deal for those of us that like getting new phones all the time.
  • Haha $60 for my Lumia 710 what a joke, and $50 for my girlfriend's Radar. I wonder which phone they would actually pay $300 for... 64GB iPhone? Lol
  • I was right, $300 for a GMS 64Gb iPhone... Time to go rob somebody.
  • Nice offer, but I hate giving up my old hardware.
  • $75 for my Titan?  Nor horrible, but I think the $300 is only if youy send htem in the brand new phone you just bought :-)
  • Will it be available in India?
  • 175 for nokia 900
  • 50$ for my moms old Galaxy 4G. Meh. I could probably get more for it on eBay. She does not like that phone at all... She did like my Radar thought.
  • $65 for my Samsung focus S no thank you I'll keep my super AMOLED display was better than HTC technology. $100 for my HTC sensation dual core processor is what windows is getting right now. No thank you. I'll head to Craigslist when I'm ready to sell.
  • It's pretty much the same prices you would get at Gazelle (or similary service). The more demand for a device, the higher the resale.
  • Lg Quantum...$0   and my lumia ...$175   I prefer to keep my phones to use as my "Zune" player when i upgrade to new Windows Phones.  also need my quantum for when i want to use internet sharing/tethering. 
  • I currently own an HTC HD7s, the HTC phones look alright, but until HTC can cultivate an ecosystem as robust as Nokia's, I just don't see myself getting anything other than a Lumia 920 this winter, even if I have to upgrade out of contract.
  • One is better off with Craigslist or eBay instead of this program or rip-offs like Gazelle.
  • Rezound $150
    Titan $70
    One X $175
    iPhone 4S or Lumia = $300-$350
    So from what I've seen they offer more for other peoples phones, but not there own.
  • I'll use my Focus as a Zune player. Pop in a memory card, reformat and I'm good to go.
  • In the UK, there are already established companies doing this, independent of handset makers and carriers, and there has been for 5years+. It may bevan exciting thing for US customers, but over here it won't make a jot of difference, especially if they're not competitive.
  • Oh yeah, they pay cash too, which as mentioned, is better for a lot of people.
  • just went on the site for my htc kaiser 8525 i get $0. ah well
  • I've been a loyal HTC user since my first device but im jumping ship to Nokia. I'm just not excited about their products anymore.
  • That is odd, it says up to $300, but if you go in and select to trade in a Samsung GS3 32GB from ATT, they offer you $325.
    For the One X they only offer $175. Just shows what they really think about their phones compared to competitors.
  • funny how the only phone to get $300 is the iPhone 4S 64mb, their flagship phone the HTC ONE X only gets $175.00, guess they don't like their own product.
  • Truthfully, I will never part ways with my HTC HD2.  ^_~
  • $115 for a Titan II, that seems lowball.
  • My lumia 900 is worth $175. I paid $100 for it, so $75 profit is great. This just might get me to switch over. HTC 8X seems pretty comparable in specs. Not worried about storage space. If Nokia doesn't offer something similar, they might lose a lot of Nokia guys who used their upgrade to get the Lumia 900. I might trade in when WP8 releases...
  • Poor HTC... I have a titan and am never going back to Htc. I just don't see the incentive.. Unless they are selling them for around $200 unlocked sim free. Without contract in Europe
  • Cool story bro
  • Wow...$0.00 for a Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket in perfect condition. I can get almost $300.00 on EBAY.
  • HTC Titan =75$ Its worth more money anywhere in the market.
  • $175 For  the Nokia Lumia 900. Wow. This could really sway me to move on theHTC 8X! My upgrade isn't until the cows come home but with that kind of incentive I would be willing to jump into WP8!
  • My thoughts exactly. I hope Nokia takes notice and tries to come up with something similar.
  • can i trade in my lumia 900 and htc titan, buy an 8x, then seel the 8x and buy a lumia 920? :-p
  • You don't to do this trade-in, you can easily sell those two phones at eBay and earn enough bucks to purchase the 920 at full price.
  • Good to know my trophy isn't worth more than a video game. No thanks
  • Samsung s3 315$
    Iphone 4s 300$
    Htc one x 175 $
  • LG Quantum: $0
    Nokia Lumia 900: $175
  • Lame, $60 for my lumia 710 and $50 for my HTC radar 4g
  • HTC Mozart perfect condition. Offered 35 dollars. Absolute waste of time.
  • $50 for HTC Radar 4G. These guys are clowning.
  • I wish Samsung would do something like this.
  • What are the expected/typical off contract prices of the 8x, Lumia920, Samsung ATIVA?  Work just bought me a Lumia 900 in May.  Any upgrade would have to come out of my pocket.
  • Maybe I mean middle of contract cost, not sure on this one.
  • Rofl, HTC HD7: $35
  • I wonder how much I would get for the HTC Arrive, stupid Sprint discontinued it :|
  • HTC hd7 $35. Seems to be the going rate. Misleading ad, saying up to $300, which handsets are they on about. Think I'll just keep my hd7