HTC offering credit for your old phone

Not long before their big event today in New York City, HTC has announced a new endeavor called "HTC Trade Up." As the name suggests, the Trade Up program lets you trade in your old smartphone (as long as it is in working condition) for up to $300 toward a new HTC phone.

Here's how it works: Firstly, you need to get a quote for your current device by going to the source link below. After that, you purchase a new HTC smartphone, and mail in your old one. HTC will then send you a prepaid Visa card for the amount that was quoted to you. Quotes are good for 30 days.

HTC's new Trade Up program is a good deal for those looking to upgrade

This is not-so-quietly brilliant move on HTC's part. They have been struggling lately, losing ground to the likes of Nokia, Samsung and Apple. With the unveiling of their 8-series of Windows Phone 8 devices less than an hour away, this is great way to generate buzz and drum up some business. Hopefully, HTC's new offerings will be impressive enough to entice consumers to trade up.

Source: HTC; Via: GottaBeMobile