Train Travel app now sports a live tile

The National Rail app (Train Travel), which is perfect for any commuter in UK, has been updated to 1.5. The changelog lists live tile support and Twitter integration as the two alterations in this version, coupled with improved help and tutorials.

The live tile can display any journey you've planned by saving any given timetable. The depart time (and date) is then displayed as well as the station codes. I did a test run with Shoeburyness (SRY) to London Fenchurch Street (FST) and the tile updated within moments as well as displaying the time we expect to arrive at the destination.

The app can be downloaded for a hefty £4.99, but is surely worth it if (like me) you use the trains a lot. Head on over to the Marketplace to purchase Train Travel (opens in new tab) (opens Zune).

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • It looks pretty good- but £4.99? That's an absolutely insane price.
  • Naughty Naughty! Referring to the UK as England!!!! There are 4 countries in the UK not just England.Yes £4.99 is rediculous.
  • Fixed, apologies.
  • Does the live tile show delays?
  • Not sure, I tried to locate a train line today which had delays to test it but seems (according to National Rail) that all lines are green, lol.
  • Well done Richard for altering the article. It's just so annoying when we Scots get the English tag! Thank you. (We're a proud lot) ((No need to apologise) :)
  • Aren't you going to have a referendum to leave the UK soon under SNP?
  • Yes, but the opinion polls show most people will likely vote No.
  • I tried the trial a while back an liked it but there's no way I would ever pay a fiver for it.Interesting to see what the 'Live Tile' throws up.
  • Everyone in the rest of the world refers to the UK as "England" I think weight of international opinion should prevail this time. :) £4.99 is a terrible price point for a slight extension on information available for free on National Rail Enquires site (which isn’t that bad to use for a mobile site).
  • International opinion is meaningless if it's dead wrong. It's the UK. That's the end of it.
  • Rail Planner looks much better implemented from the screen shots but it doesn't have trial available. GrrrrThe rest of the world is incorrect to refer to the UK as England I'm afraid GP101.England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales make up the UK, it would be equally incorrect to refer to the UK as Scotland.(Yes Richard Possibly, if it ever comes to light)Anyone got something to happen on the Live Tile yet ?