Travel service Expedia launches its Windows 10 UWP app for PC and Mobile

The online travel service Expedia has launched its Windows 10 UWP app for PC and Mobile. The app includes, among other things, support for voice commands via Cortana.

The app allows customers to search and book hotels and flights, along with user reviews and more. Expedia revealed some of the features of the new Windows 10 app in a blog post:

  • Update for Windows 10: The Expedia app has been specifically enhanced to take advantage of all the unique possibilities of Windows 10 to deliver a more seamless travel experience across Windows 10 devices. We've also made key performance improvements and enabled faster launching for our Universal Windows Platform app.
  • Search with Cortana: With Cortana integration, you can book trips with simple, natural conversations and get helpful travel notifications and status updates for all of your upcoming Expedia-booked trips.
  • Interactive Device Notifications: Receive important travel alerts and changes to your itinerary with Expedia emails.
  • Deeper Integration: The new Expedia app is native to the Windows platform, which gives our team tremendous opportunity to further enhance the Expedia experience on Windows 10 devices.

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Download Expedia from the Windows Store


John Callaham