TreoCentral Views the Fuze - Smartphone Round Robin

Our pal Jennifer at TreoCentral has our precious Fuze in hand and is putting it through its paces. Go on over and take a look at her initial thoughts on video (check out that blooper reel!).

Just as importantly, head on into our forums and help her out with some persistent syncing bugs she's been experiencing. It might also be a good time to suggest your favorite piece of Windows Mobile software to her. If we're gonna get this Fuze the fair hearing it deserves in this Smartphone Round Robin, it will help to give it a little software bump here and there.

Plus, you know, every day your comment there (and yes, here too), you're automatically entered for a chance to win a Fuze of your very own, with that bonus Redfly C8N we just told you about.

WC Staff
  • There were some threads started throughout the WMexperts forum within the last 24 hours that seem to have disappeared during the system maintenance late last night. It looks like the gears are turning to restore the forum posts and as soon as the threads are back up we?ll get in and start responding to any questions directed to Celio Corp in those posts. More info at this post ...
  • Hmm thats unfortunate for jennifer, same os but a much more powerful platform. I like palm and it was my first PIM device ever, good old pilot, but HTC just makes better devices.