TripAdvisor will come pre-loaded on millions of Windows 10 compatible devices in 2016

TripAdvisor has announced that its Windows 10 app will come pre-loaded on millions of Windows 10 compatible devices in 2016. The company first announced its universal Windows 10 app back in December, which will be available in 47 markets around the world. With the app, you can book travel, look for pricing and availability and much more all from one location.

At this time it is not clear whether this app will be pre-loaded on phones or PCs, or if only select hardware vendors will be including it. Are you excited about the inclusion of this software on your new Windows 10 device, or would you rather the option to just download it yourself? Let us know in the comments.

Press release:

TripAdvisor Launches Windows 10 App

World's Most Popular Travel App Now Available Across Windows 10 Devices

NEEDHAM, Mass., Jan. 27, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TripAdvisor®, the world's largest travel site*, today announced the launch of a new Windows 10 app across desktop, tablet and mobile. The TripAdvisor app for Windows 10 will be available in 47 markets and will be pre-loaded on millions of Windows 10 compatible devices in 2016.

The new app features TripAdvisor's comprehensive booking tools, including the TripAdvisor instant booking platform, which allows travelers to easily compare hotel options, check prices and availability and book their accommodation on TripAdvisor. Restaurants and attractions are also featured, many of which are bookable on the site.

The app also showcases more than 290 million user reviews and opinions of hotels, restaurants and attractions, and over 46 million candid traveler photos, covering destinations around the globe. Additional features include Near Me Now, a tool that navigates travelers to nearby points of interest using their phone's GPS.

"The new TripAdvisor Windows 10 app offers users a comprehensive resource to help them plan and book their trips," said Rory Kenny, director of mobile partnerships, TripAdvisor. "Mobile continues to be a huge driver of traffic to TripAdvisor, in fact half of our traffic now comes via mobile. We are excited that Windows Phone users will now be able to plan, compare and book hotels, restaurants and attractions within the TripAdvisor app."

"Microsoft is excited with TripAdvisor's continued commitment to Windows 10 with the release of their new app built on the Universal Windows Platform," said Steve Guggenheimer, corporate vice president of developer platform & evangelism and chief evangelist for Microsoft Corp. "With Windows 10 running on over 200 million devices worldwide, we're excited to provide our fans great experiences such as TripAdvisor's comprehensive booking tools, user reviews and travel photos from around the globe, on any Windows 10 device."

The TripAdvisor app, already available on iOS and Android devices, has amassed 215 million downloads to date — making it the world's most popular travel app.

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  • As long as there is always the option to delete it, I'm ok with that.
  • Exactly. Another thing to delete the moment one gets a device, along with the ms bloat.
  • ...AT&T bloat
  • ^
  • A bit shame is missing Windows Central Universal Windows App.
  • it's a bad deal for Microsoft. The client app for mobile sucks a lot compared to iOS/Android... we have just a web viewer. We want decent apps!
  • Disagree. I think it's a pretty good app. Love it working the same from desktop to phone too.
  • It is decent, it's just not great, they need to fix the visual glitches at least.
  • you haven't seen trip advisor apps on iOS isn't it? you wouldn't consider the windows version decent. I haven't tried the PC version, but the mobile really sucks compared to iOS and Android.
  • sux-bad-decent-good-great I understand that in this day and age people cannot see shade of greys but to me an app that sux does not work, a bad app partially works and looks bad, a decent app mainly works but looks bad, a good app works and looks good, a great app is an almost non-improvable app.
  • This one will likely be updated.
  • I hope so, that would mean that MS is not stupid at all (preinstalling is a great deal for tripadvisor). But I bet they won't...
  • I like the idea of preinstalling Apps but needs to be very easy to uninstall preinstalled apps preferably  even easier then other apps.
  • Can't get much easier than a press and hold then tap.
  • You're right but people need to know it  (I'm more technical but some people are not) I didn't mean it in a critical way just that some people would leave negative reviews just because an app was preinstalled that they didn't like not because of bad quality.
  • So they would go through the hassle of going to the store and giving a bad review just because it was preinstalled? Believe me I have apps on the store and people are too lazy to give a good review when they like an app, and to give bad reviews whan they do not like bad apps. They only go and leave reviews when they paid and they didn't like what they paid for :(
  • I dont like anything preloaded unless it essential for the phone to function as devised.
  • Yeah but it is a good thing for common people
  • Then remove it Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Another bloat-ware msft is adding to their windows 10 OS
  • Just delete it an shut up. It's not like it matters.
  • It matters and it is a good thing, the store often does not show the right app so until they fix it it's a good thing that low end user have decent apps preinstalled. Look for trip advisor on w10m and you'll find 3 versions of it, the one with the longest name is the right one. It's really embarassing.
  • It does matter. Deleting app preinstalled by Msft does not actually delete the app but just unregisters and removes from app list. Try uninstalling groove,candy crush and what ever preinstalled apps but you can see them in windows apps folder.
  • Please don't try to be smart because you're not
    These folders are only leftovers and the apps are deleted Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Step one on new device: Delete most everything off. This program would be included in the deletion process.
  • Ok Wittig
  • They should do this with more key apps. Microsoft desperately needs app success stories and also to get people away from the web browser and into the app store. Only then will developers have the motivation to target W10.
  • Who needs the OEMs when Microsoft is doing a fine job of adding bloatware to windows all on its own!
    Now we've got
    Candy Crush
    Trip Advisor
    "Get Skype"
    "Get Office"
    all the MSN apps, etc   sure it's great that you can uninstall everything, but all of this crap should be more like a "apps to get you started" pack front and center in the store over this implementation...
  • ^OMG^! It's good to know good developers are making apps for Windows.
  • Now available? Is it the same remade app they uploaded some months ago and never updated with a lot of visual glitches and somewhere between a web wrapper and a real app? I mean it mostly works and it is better than the old app but if that's the one it's not new and it's not something a great enterprise la trip advisor should be proud of, it is just an enhanced web wrapper.
  • Right I agree 100%
  • When it will be available?
  • Been there for 1-2 months at least, this is just marketing. It's the one with the long name ported from web via a bridge.  
  • Pre-loaded, not good. People dont like this. We already have bunch of junk from Microsoft like get Skype...
  • Stop whining about nothing.
  • I love that app because of live tile but I have notice some glitches and buggs.
    P.S.At Windows Store I see 2apps with the same name and creator??
    P.S.2 Where is the "when in India comment"
  • One is old app other is new UWP app
  • And how I can recognize the New??
    Same Name,Same creator
  • "Yay more bloatware..." Said no one ever.
  • It's not really bloatware if it's a useful little app tho.
  • Now if Trip Advisor actually made a decent app rather than a web wrapper...
  • Apps for daily purposes are required. I don't go for trips often.