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Tubecast brings Full HD, 60 FPS and QHD (2k) support for YouTube on Windows Phone!

One of our favorite YouTube clients for Windows Phone goes by the name of Tubecast. Besides being a full-featured, beautifully designed YouTube app for managing and playing videos, it can also DLNA and Airplay stream content to your TV at the touch of a button.

Version 2.9.8 of the app brings some significant viewing improvements, including some ultra-high resolution support! Best part, there are no audio de-synchronizations.

Tubecast 2.9.8

  • Cast QHD Full HD & 60fps to DLNA devices
  • Preload QHD, Full HD & 60fps videos
  • Channel Menu: New design (Windows 10 style) with smooth animation.
  • Thomson TV & Android TV added to Tubecast list
  • Bug fixes

Support for QHD is the good news. The bad news is playing such videos – even on a Lumia 1520 – taxes the system so much that videos are a bit choppy. Still, they do play and in theory, you can even 'cast them to your TV as well.

Full HD (1080p) videos at 60 FPS though look fantastic and perform well.

Full HD in Tubecast

Of course, if QHD can slow down a Lumia 1520, Windows Phone with 512 MB of RAM are obviously out of the question. Yes, you can use this app on those phones, but do not expect to run content at Full HD and 60 fps on them.

Finally, the new menu system for those logged in is very fancy and elegant. Overall, this is a fantastic update and we cannot wait to see what comes in 2015 (cough, Windows 8.1 Tubecast app, cough).

Make sure to check out our tutorial and demo of how 'casting works on Tubecast!

QR: tubecast

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  • Best YouTube app to date.
  • Agreed. I downloaded this a few months ago and it immediately became my number one app. I use XBMC and this streams to it perfectly. In fact it works much better than my iPhone and Airplay. Easily one of the best Windows Phone apps.
  • Me too, love this app. Would love to see it as a universal app too.
  • Man I have to agree... I have them both downloaded but I like this one a little better, only if it was as smooth as MyTube when switching from portrait to landscape view. MyTube got all of them beat with that, I hope this one gets that smooth then I'm deleting MyTube if that happens. :)
  • myTube is getting a big update soon, stay put before committing ;)
  • 1080p is coming to mytube as soon as they can get the name straightened out.
  • Waiting for that....VERY EAGERLY!!!
  • This YouTube App is perfect.
  • I don't see a download button like myTube has.
  • It has a download button ;)
  • Ok, I just found it. I saw the button called preload but I thought it was a buffer button or something. Seems like it should say save or download. Not as user friendly as mytube. I guess I prefer the metro style of mytube.
  • No there is a download button! When you open a video, one of the four button in the bottom bar is the download one
  • Right, I found it. It said preload and I didn't know wtf that meant but I guess it means save\download.
  • Better then MyTube??
  • Is it possible to play whatever video in the background when you've minimized the app/switched to another? MetroTube can do that.
  • Yes there's an option in the settings ;)
  • Ahm, that means on regular youtube html, there's no option to switch to 4k?
  • Preloaded videos are getting deleted automatically in version 2.9.8  :( .pls help.
  • I use mytube but it looks like mytube might have some real competition with this app. Is there a dark theme. I hate light themes
  • Yes, Dark theme option along with different accent color choices.
  • Yes, it includes a dark theme.
  • Tubecast and metrotube are best
  • MyTube Beta>MetroTube
  • Strange, I've never heard of this app before XD seems like its fast :D
  • It's fantastic.
  • Very great app indeed.
  • Only one thing is left..which is downloaded videos must be exported to gallery
  • is there any available Youtube client do that? I really want this feature. In fact The vidoe folder should be the default directory for downloading vidoes for every youtube client!
  • Oh metro tube..
  • Awesome. Been my main YouTube app since it came out. Incredible work by the developer(s).
  • Best YouTube app ever ! And btw , so does that mean there will be a QHD Lumia phone coming soon ? "maybe"? I hope so !
  • As of now, everything is tied to Windows 10 release.
  • Doesn't the Lumia 535 have a qhd display ;)?
  • qHD is quarter HD, which is 960x540
    QHD is quad HD, which is 2560x1440
    Tubecasw has support for QHD, 535 has only a qHD
  • Pretty sure the developer doesn't have any inside information! lol YouTube recently started supporting 1440p video content. There's no reason why devs like this shouldn't tap into that, whether your phone has the resolution or not.
  • waiting for the mytube update. The developer says that he needs to change the name of the app for some reason in order to update the UI (the update is supposed to come in this week) and add 60fps
  • He said the update is delayed :(
  • myTube beta supports 60 fps.
  • Yup, the beta App is sweet. I get an occasional playback issue. Black screen, video restarts, but besides that its a really nice update. Love the UI.
  • I really wants to know about the new UI. For my that will be the deciding factor between choosing mytube or tubecast (I don't like the Ul of Mytube but a like the features)
  • The first time I tried this app a couple weeks ago, it immediately replaced MetroTube on my start screen/primary Youtube app.
  • Same here
  • myTube will offer these features in the next big Update very soon, too. I'm using the beta and it is my favorite YouTube App.
  • same here
  • As long as Tubecast doesn't have 480p, MyTube is still ahead of it in that perspective. MyTube beta received 60fps, 1080p and 480p a couple of weeks ago. It'll be public for everyone pretty soon I think
  • "As long as Tubecast doesn't have 480p..."
    Not sure what that means...I can play videos at 480p (HQ) on Tubecast. Tubecast has Auto, SQ (360p), HQ (480p), HD (720p), Full HD (1080p), QHD (1440p).
  • on my l720 running smooth at full resolution
  • I make you like the Tubecast app ;)
    Every tip I sent to you I hashtaged it with #Tubecast .. Tanzim :)
  • It has , HQ !!
  • Guess I gotta give it a try now! Been using myTube for many months...
    Thanks for the article Dan!
  • What's the benefit of having QHD resolution videos when the display is 'only' normal HD?
  • Nothing
  • Not nothing. 2k downconverted to 1080p (assuming the 2k stream has sufficient bandwidth) will always look better than straight 1080p. It may not be blatantly obvious on a small phone screen.
  • Okay technically it's not "nothing" but in reality the difference is insignificant and borderline unnoticable.
  • Not sure about that. It'd be true if the app used an oversampling algorithm (and that's not the case here). Otherwise I think that a 1080p video with a good compression will look better than a QHD video resized on the fly by the phone.
  • At the moment, 2k is done for the cast, try it to your TV, it's beautifull.
  • Pretty sure you meant QHD. Which is quad HD. qHD is quarter Full HD. Many people on this commenting section are not aware of this I guess.
  • Yup I meant QHD, otherwise the whole oversampling thing wouldn't make sense ahahahah :)
  • I even use their bookmarklet so in case something open YouTube in the browser I can switch to Tubecast instead.
  • ? What's that?
  • Follow those instructions. This works for myTube and Tubecast (and probably more YouTube apps).
  • Wait a sec, there aren't any QHD windows phones :-o
  • Yeah but there are QHD TVs. This helps in streaming QHD content to them as well incase you have one.
  • Lumia 535 has a qhd display
  • That's qHD. By QHD he means the 2K resolution, which has a height of 1440 pixels. The 535 is 960*540.
  • qHD is nt the same as QHD, look it up on wikipedia
  • I can't stand the UI compared to Mytube (I don't like the bar with all the icons, the rest is nice)... But the 1080p 60fps video support is so sweet!
  • My favorite YouTube app
  • Wooooot, it is even in Dutch. Love that. Might Ditch MetroTube
    Edit: Tried it, i'll stick to MetroTube. Like Dennis i don't like the icons on the menubar and i keep swiping.
  • I like this app! The layout is a bit better than mytube. Oh snap! :)
  • Is the best youtube app somewhat better than youtube, it totally replaced metro tube for me
  • Great functionality, could use some UI polishing. It's really hard to decide between this and myTube, as each has its benefits. 
  • Discovered this app with that article... Wow what a fantastic Youtube app !
  • Why I never tried this app? It's just perfect. Clean and with a very ordered menu.
    Metro tube, I loved you so much...
  • Can't get it to recognize my Chromecast...
  • I have two routers and it can recognize chromecast on either wifi network without any issue....also got VPN router and I use Pin to cast from non vpn wifi. You might have to update firmware on your chromecast.
  • It's my most favorite app....replaced mytube and metrotube. Still have to figure out how to create the queue to cast.
  • Chromecast support on L920! Fantastic...
  • Does this work with Roku??
  • No
  • Utterly useless to me then. Roku all the way
  • Ya I'm deleting it.. I only need something to stream on roku
  • I just tried the app, love the UI but I think I'll stick with myTube. It doesn't support playing playlist, yet. 
  • Super nice update! My 1520 bows humbly.
  • Tubecast is the best YouTube client. Better that the official one on any platform.
  • It seems really good so far. Not sure how I like it compared to metrotube. I've never really been a fan of myTube, so I can't compare to that. I do like the ability to stream straight to my Xbone.
  • Nice app and UI, just bought it. One bug I've noticed is that when you sort videos published by the channel when you are watching a video, the list of thumbnails don't sort.
  • It's really good YouTube client can't wait to check out pc version, currently using hypertube on my PC and tablet up until now it has no competition.
  • Is there any benefit if your phone only has a 720p screen? (Lumia 830)
  • What about 720p 60fps?
  • Getting bored of mytube, i will try this...
  • Needed option to save downloads to videos
  • Sexy feature list ^_~
  • Let me try it right now
  • Lumia 920 supports between hd and full HD, but it cannot support qhd, right?
  • Supports and playing at that resolution are two entirely different things. 920 won't play 1080p videos in 1080p for obvious reasons.
  • I use mytube a lot
    I will also try out this one
    As long as it's a good YouTube app, I will download to use it.
    And lastly, screw you Google! Lol
  • This is good, thanks for recommend from WP central.
  • Anyone knows when will metrotube have 1080p stream playback?
  • Where does it saves my preloaded videos???
  • When I go out of app videos and audio stops. In Metrotube even when app goes in background audio plays. I've ticked the box for work under lock screen but doesn't work!
  • You have to use an app with continuous playback (i.e. myTube or tubecast)
  • How is 4k video for this on the 930?
  • Wow. This app is stunning.  I'm buying it even if I never do a single cast.  This app is the best Youtube app I've ever used. Its simply more complete then any in the market on any platform.  Very well done and here, take my money.
  • Everytime I read an article about updates for any of these (albeit excellent) 3rd party Youtube apps, it just fuels my resentment towards Google. 
  • At this point I doubt that google can provide this quality even if they tried. We really don't need an official YouTube app IMHO, between metrotube, mytube and tubecast we are totally covered for YouTube apps, even compared to android or ios, I'll take the WP tube apps any day!
  • Yeah, try using the official YouTube app on the iPhone. Then you'll realize you really don't need Google for a good YouTube app. Because they don't make a good YouTube app!
  • Daniel.... hahaha coughing lol. need cough syrup?  
  • Updating
  • Is this app supports sd card to save video?
  • is it better than metrotube?
  • Finally!!! It's beautifull play 1080p or qHD videos on Lumia 930!!
  • Perfect casting 
  • Perfect for high end Lumia line of phones.....
  • I love this app, free and efficient
  • I'm all for myTube but I've been testing this one, and it's giving me problems downloading videos. Tried rebooting and reinstalling, nothing works (using Wi-Fi obviously)
  • still mytube is best youtube client....
  • Work on Roku? Nope. Poop app
  • This forum isn't for 6 year olds.
  • Lol, I bought this app on X-mas when I got a chromecast!! I love the app!
  • Best!!!
  • How to hide or cancel the pop up screen advertisement when the video is playing?
  • Dis wud have made sense if there were windows phones wid full hd display..there are namely 1520(very big) and 930(heat and bttry issues)
    Nope i m nt complaining abt no new flagship
    I just wish there were better mid tier phones with good display and processor..(look at lumia 830 :/) Back den we had not so good software &apps
    Now, we dont have capable devices to use d new awesome apps..
  • What? No heat or battery issues on my 930
  • Same on my Icon. There are also phones by Samsung, HTC, and others with full HD.
  • Wew damn good
  • Love ❤ the update... However, I am not a fan that you can't get rid of the clock now as it remains on top of the video in landscape mode when viewing videos.
  • Windows phone is about to get or getting 1080p download but that's not at all new in the market.. Android have such features with background download support... We here are still craving for basic features for Windows phone... Isn't it
  • blah blah blah blah just shut up and go masty with your android buddies why dont you?
  • Bla bla bla
  • Long awaited!
  • Really I didn't like that name of that app. I hope he change the name of app
  • Yeah, Best YouTube app.
  • holy crap this app is amazing, i didnt really know what the fuss about a chromecast was till i tried this out tonight!
  • I never tried this app before. I love it, but some problem let me stay on MetroTube: Even if the I ticked the box, I can't minimize the app and listen the music. And the menu bar behavior is a not strange.
    If I find a solution to these problems, I'll definitely stays on it
  • I tried this app today after learning about it from this article and liked it so much that I purchased it at one of the middle prices to support the developers work. I stream cast to my Xbox 360 for the first time. Very easy. No work to set it up at all. Very nice. The video continues to play even if I sit the Lumia 822 down and the screen times out. The video continued uninterrupted when I picked up the phone, and it again responded properly to the on screen controls. Wow.
  • This is amazing, can someone tell me how this compares to YouTube on IOS cos this is way better than what I remember of that?
  • TubeCast Pro and MyTube are fantastic apps on Windows Phone, I use TubeCast Pro as our main YouTube app however there are minor areas which requires urgent attention unless is just me, for example the Liked videos do not show in the app also not being able to remove items from Favorites is rather frustrating (this is the same across all family and friend's devices).
  • Oh my gosh! #Tubecast is so smooth.....
  • Awesome app. I wish if this is selected as myapp of the day and is available for free...
  • Lumia 820 experience: 720p: Loads instantly. Perfect performance 1080p: Takes some time to load. It doesn't go always from the first try. Once it loads though, perfect performance. 720p60: Same situation as 1080p, though it loads much more reliably. 1080p60: Error. 1440p: Error. 1440p60: Just to be clear, this option doesn't exist yet.
  • Good app but many bugs
  • My favorite YouTube app. Love the remote control
  • UC Browser is better for youtube downloads :)
  • By far the best YouTube app.
  • New MyTube app as I think is going to be the best. I don't say others are bad but the design and layout of that app is simply gorgeous. It is by far the most prolific iteration of Modern UI I've ever seen.
  • Excuse me if I'm being stupid but apparently you can't watch 1080@60fps (or not even 1080@30fps) on the phone itself, or I'm missing something? (Lumia 1520 btw)
  • I WAS being stupid lol..... Didn't realize that the 1080/QHD options were out of my sight since I was holding the phone sideways
  • Will 2k video run smoothly on Lumia 1520 after denim lumia 1520 is supposed to run and record 4k video with 24fps smoothly....
    So my guess playing 2k video on 1520 wont be a problem even at 30 or 60 fps after denim ?.....
  • How to change Streaming video's settings? Like HD to 480p and others?
  • 720p60fps is a no go for 928
  • I cant get audio played in 1080p60... Lumia 1520. Does anyone have this problem?
  • I must be doing something wrong here. Everyone is singing this apps praises and it's running like absolute garbage on my Lumia 930. Constant error message at start up, if I do manage to get passed that all I can do is watch the already shown videos. If I go into settings or search the app will either freeze or force shutdown. I've reinstalled the app 3 times and restarted my phone twice. Just seems garbage to me.
  • Contact the support, you probably have a specific problem.
  • Option to download to videos is needed
  • Downloads did not appear in the Video hub and could not be shared. But then again this is every YouTube app I download, which is why I continue to use UC Browser and move my files. Is out must me, or is this the norm?
  • Every youtube client should have the Video folder as default directory for downloading videos! Or atleast the feature for exporting the downloaded video's to the Video folder!
  • no option for saving to memory card
  • I wonder if I can watch Netflix movies on TV using Tubecast? (Similar to Chromecast for Android)
  • I want to download a video on tubecast but he cannot show on my video gallery and memory card please give answer?