Turn by Turn Navigation hits the Marketplace

GPS Tuner, developers of Outdoor Navigation, has released Turn by Turn Navigation for Windows Phone 7. Focusing on simplicity, Turn by Turn allows you to tap on a map point or search for an address, click on a pushpin and press the GO button to begin your journey.

Key features include:

  • Voice-Guided turn by turn Navigation with premium audio quality
  • Automatic Map rotation according to your heading POI and address search
  • Add POI-s or locations to Favorites
  • Route calculation based on Time or Distance using Traffic information
  • Bing Road and Hybrid Maps
  • Supporting Portrait and Landscape mode
  • Automatic re-routing if you miss a turn
  • Speed dependent Volume control
  • Driving and Walking directions
  • US and Metric units are supported

We liked Outdoor Navigation and if that's any indication, Turn by Turn Navigation should be a very nice app. There is a free trail version available that allows for routes up to twelve miles. The full version will run you $4.99.

You can find both here (opens in new tab) (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

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  • Full version of a turn by turn nav fro $5 what's wrong with it ?
  • It doesn't have the maps.. On android the same thing is free
  • I tried it out and it's not bad, especially for $5. Obviously haven't tried out turn-by-turn on Mango yet, but from the videos I've seen, this is better looking.Took it out for a spin on a 7 mile route to lunch and here's just some random observations I had:- Does both track up and north up- No text-to-speech capability (so street names aren't read aloud)- Route planning seemed pretty good and didn't take very long (admittedly it was a short route though)- Works in both landscape and portrait modes. In landscape mode, less screen realestate is dedicated to the map display- Rerouting happened very fast. Tried taking some back roads that weren't in the original route and the new route was calculated within a few seconds- I haven't found a way to bring up a list of the turns. That would be nice- I turned off my data connection and I noticed that the route would stay, however you would lose the maps. Would be nice if this could cache the maps (didn't try straying off route after turning off the data though)- Text for the upcoming is too small and hard to read (on a Focus) in both portrait and landscape modes- I couldn't find a way to force it to read to me the next turn- Didn't take it on the highway so I don't know if there's any lane guidance or anything like that- When you're searching for a destination, there's no speach recognition - I didn't see anything that you could use too look up POI near where you are (food, gas, etc).All in all though, it's not bad for an initial release. I take a little Garmin hand-held unit whenever I travel and even in the short time I've used it I feel it's good enough to replace it. Doesn't have all the little bells and whistles, but hey, it's only $5. Even if the nav in Mango turns out to be world changing, it's cheap enough to buy just to tide you over for the next few months. It especially can't hurt to support 3rd party devs and encourage more competition on the platform.
  • I though turn by turn navigation was not possible before Mango.
  • Meh, waiting for Ovi, er, Nokia Services.
  • Highly recommend this app for those of you like me who can't wait for Mango. I used it on a 12 hour trip this past weekend and it performed like a champ. My only complaint is that it would occasionally lose GPS signal and announce it "GPS signal lost". I have to admit that I was tempted to toss my phone out the window the 10th time I heard that, but hopefully that will be addressed in a future update.