Turtle Beach to launch new Xbox-compatible Flight Simulator hardware

VelocityOne Flight Universal Control System for Xbox
VelocityOne Flight Universal Control System for Xbox (Image credit: Turtle Beach)

What you need to know

  • Turtle Beach has announced the VelocityOne flight control system, its first dedicated flight peripheral for Xbox, ideal for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator console launch.
  • The product includes a 180-degree yoke, integrated throttle quadrant, and rudder control, coupled with 18 additional assignable buttons.
  • The Turtle Beach VelocityOne launches this summer, set to be priced at $350.

Microsoft Flight Simulator for Xbox remerged at E3 2021, now on track to hit Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles on July 27, 2021. The cloud-powered title is now expanding to Microsoft's latest home consoles, following its acclaimed debut last August, promising to mirror the full experience as its PC counterpart. Gaming accessory manufacturer Turtle Beach has now unveiled its new VelocityOne flight control system, an all-in-one accessory dropping just in time for the Microsoft Flight Simulator launch on Xbox.

The VelocityOne Flight Universal Control System works with Xbox consoles, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One included, coupled with support on Windows 10 PCs. The controller joins the small lineup of accessories compatible with the upcoming Flight Simulator on Xbox, packed with features for both prop and jet planes.

With a $350 retail price, the Turtle Beach VelocityOne looks primed to rival many of the best yokes for Microsoft Flight Simulator, as the sole all-inclusive solution for consoles. It includes a full-sized yoke with 180-degree rotation and an integrated throttle quadrant to match. The modular quadrant also brings dual lever and vernier controls, a trim wheel, and swappable lever heads based on your aircraft. The use of hall effect sensors should also improve long-term reliability, versus some cheaper options on the market.

The yoke features twin eight-way joystick sticks, two rocker switches, and various other assignable buttons, totaling 18 additional inputs. The rear stows extra buttons, emulating Xbox bumpers and triggers, primarily serving as on-hand rudder controls. There's an onboard display, too, home to critical metrics and status alerts. Other Xbox controller staples, like a 3.5mm audio jack and dedicated Share button, translate to this model.

The Turtle Beach VelocityOne could prove promising, especially for Xbox owners in the market for Microsoft Flight Simulator gear later this year. The product goes up against alternative sub-$500 product lines on PC like the Logitech G Saitek and Honeycomb series, although poised to occupy the entry-level with impressive functionality for the price. Microsoft has teased more Xbox-compatible peripherals are on the way, with Honeycomb Aeronautical among those with console products in the making.

Turtle Beach plans to launch the VelocityOne control system sometime this summer, with the promise of preorders at $350 from a later date.

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