Fans of the popular Twitter client for Windows 10 and Mobile Tweet It! will want to grab the latest 2.8.0 update that just went live in the Store.

Version 2.8. of Tweet It! brings a plethora of new fixes, improvements and additions including hashtag autocomplete. Here is what is new:

Tweet It! 2.8.0

  • Search is now more powerful with rich abilities for fine-tuning
  • You can now save or delete any search query
  • Application will save your search history and sync it across all your devices
  • You can now pin search queries to start screen
  • Improved conversation view for tweets
  • Small trends UI changes
  • Built-in browser now has it's own page in the settings
  • Small fixes and tweaks for built-in browser
  • You can set built-in browser to be closed when opening a page in a system browser
  • Video player will remember last set volume and will use it when started
  • Updated tile for profiles
  • When saving tweet to Pocket hashtags from it will be used as tags
  • Small fixes for notifications settings
  • When composing a tweet, you can now choose profile (if you got more than one) to send it from
  • Added hashtags autocomplete (application will look for hashtags in your saved searches and search history)
  • Improved UI for mobile devices in landscape
  • Improved UI for Continuum
  • Improved UI for pop-up panels on mobile devices
  • Fixed refresh button visibility for mobile devices in landscape when more than one tab is visible
  • Added Bulgarian language

That's a pretty solid update that should make using Tweet It! for multiple accounts, regular users and those who like using hashtags a lot easier. Tweet It! constantly ranks as one of our favorite Twitter clients, so it's worth as shot if you are looking for a new one.

Download Tweet It! from the Windows Store

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