Tweetium dev releases multiple updates overnight, implements a bunch of improvements

Tweetium is a popular, highly-rated Twitter app for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.1, and the phone version of the app has today been bumped to version 3.2.3. Version 3.2 hit the store overnight, but due to bugs being spotted in the recent release, the developer rolled out a further three updates to sort everything out – talk about rapid updates.

Here are the full release notes for version 3.2:

  • New conversation experience for phone
  • Updated nav bar visuals
  • Added Crimson and "XB Green" accent colors
  • Improved touch keyboard interactions/animations
  • Expanded view now shows a share icon with other controls (helps discoverability of share).
  • Fixed a bug causing the view to jump by a few tweets after quick resuming in certain cases
  • Fixed a bug where the updated last read position for Connect would not be saved correctly in certain cases
  • Fixed two cases where the quick action buttons in vertical mode would not display on the top tweet as expected
  • Fixed occasional duplicate notifications appearing in Connect+
  • Enlarged the touch hit targets of quick action buttons slightly
  • Touch keyboard no longer comes up automatically when expanding a DM thread with touch
  • "Gray" background is now the same achromatic gray as the gray accent option
  • Phone back button now dismisses reply boxes before dismissing the entire thread
  • Changed "n following" to "follows n" on profiles for clarity
  • The large tile now properly shows the sender (not recipient) for DMs
  • "Start at last read" no longer affects the Me tab or user profiles
  • Grouped retweets in search results now show the original tweet when clicked/tapped
  • Possible fix for DMs from the wrong account showing after switches in rare cases
  • Phone keyboard now comes up properly when sharing to Tweetium (OS bug workaround)
  • Fixed a couple of rare crashes


As touched on above, some bugs were spotted in the main update (since it's absolutely massive), but the developer released three patches overnight to address any issues. Here's a list of things fixed in 3.2.1, 3.2.2 and 3.2.3:

  • Fixed screen name shifting a couple pixels in last update when quick actions appear
  • Fixed missing updated dot for some tabs
  • Fixed UI problems some users experienced with the new conversation view
  • Fixed a rare crash
  • Fixed broken Newseen reader UI on phone in last update (Pro users only)
  • Fixed a couple of crashes in error cases

Phew! Impressive stuff. Give Tweetium a download from the Windows Phone Store (links below) and let us know how you find the latest version.

QR: Tweetium Beta

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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