Twitch Beta now available to Xbox Insiders, prioritizes stability

Ever since the Xbox One launched, Twitch has been a faithful companion. The service was offered as the default game streaming platform for years until Mixer came along. Unfortunately, the application needed to stream just isn't that great. It's unreliable and crashes often. Luckily, a new one is in the works and some of you may be able to try it out soon.

If you're an Xbox Insider, you can head over to the "Xbox Insider Hub", click on "Insider Content", and join the "Twitch Beta". According (opens in new tab) to Scott, an Xbox Program Manager, just wait for registration to finish processing, and then install the Twitch Beta application.

Scott also said that this Twitch experience has been rebuilt from the ground up to improve viewing and streaming. The focus this time around is on stability, live video previews, and better support for past broadcasts.

Be sure to provide feedback so that Twitch can become even better on Xbox One.

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  • I tried to give twitch a chance and they just wouldn't update the app now three years down the road they want to try?
  • As buggy as Twitch is, I find it better than Mixer. In Mixer, every time I want to do something I struggle to figure out how. Something as simple as going full screen is ridiculous... you have to click over to the maximize button (which seems to not be present if you don't arrow in exactly the right way) , then you have to hit one of the controller buttons to get rid of the chat window... which means I can't do it on my remote. Searching for content, trying to watch past streams from people is also a disaster. I think I even found I couldn't fast forward through old streams? (I haven't tried in a while... I had given up on it.)