Twitch Prime now offers in-game rewards for mobile games

What you need to know

  • Twitch Prime is offer perks to gamers if they're Amazon Prime members.
  • Today, the company revealed mobile game benefits starting with PUBG Mobile.
  • Since it's a free-to-play game, you'll get exclusive skins.
  • You can subscribe to Amazon Prime here.

Yesterday, Amazon announced that Loot Gifting was coming to Twitch Prime. However, it turns out, that wasn't the biggest announcement of the week. Today, the company revealed that Amazon Prime members will not receive free mobile game content in addition to the Twitch Prime benefits they get. The first free items will be from PUBG Mobile.

You can claim the stealthy Infiltrator Mask. Once you have that, it seems like you can claim the Infiltrator Jacket, Infiltrator Pants, and Infiltrator Shoes to complete the exclusive set, plus the brand-new Blood Oath – Karabiner 98K and Black Magma Parachute. The press release Mobile Nations received added that content from publishers like EA, Moonton, Netmarble, Wargaming Mobile, and more is coming.

Ethan Evans, the Vice President of Twitch Prime said the following.

We've long been committed to making Prime the best deal in games, with great content for PC and console games from Twitch Prime, and now we're offering our members even more value, with new mobile game benefits. Now, no matter what platform you play on — whether console, PC, or mobile — there are Prime game benefits for you. We're starting with exclusive content for PUBG Mobile one of the biggest mobile games in the world, and in the coming months, we'll roll out benefits for some of the most popular mobile games across many favorite genres.

While PUBG Mobile loot may not entice a lot of viewers, games from EA surely will. Are you excited about this new feature? Let us know.

Asher Madan

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