Twitter talks about the design of its universal app for Windows 10

Twitter rolled out its app for Windows 10 earlier this week, featuring design changes that tie in with Microsoft's latest OS. Twitter mentioned that its goal was to mimic the principles of Windows Phone's "personal, relevant, and connected" design, starting from the login page:


Initially, the design team at Twitter — which includes two designers that worked on the Windows Phone design team at Microsoft — decided to go with accent colors for the left pane to match that of Windows 10, but that decision was struck down as it was "pretty overpowering."


Instead, the app comes with a dark grey color option along the lefthand side. Accent colors are now used to showcase current view as well as links, as seen below:


The microblogging service's design team also looked at ways to engineer the app to work on a wide variety of screen sizes, from phones with 4-inch screens all the way to devices like the Surface Hub:

We could scale the timeline to the entire width of the window, meaning giant and often blurry scaled up images on big screens. Another option we explored was using multi-column layout, similar to what we do with TweetDeck. A third approach explored a more web-oriented approach that places the timeline in the middle with white space on the sides.

Twitter also looked at setting a fixed width for the window size (like the Mac client), but ultimately decided to go with a "fixed timeline width in the middle, and we put special attention into making it flex appropriately as the window gets resized."The design team at Twitter explored several combinations in terms of the kind of content to display on the Live Tile, with the final iteration designed to showcase the most relevant information:


While the app is functional, it lacks features power users are looking for, such as pull to refresh (you have to click the refresh button to load new content), ability to quote RT and location info.

Twitter is interested in feedback, and is actively engaging with the community on how it can improve its design. Got something to say about the changes you'd like to see? Let Twitter know by using the hashtag #twitterforwindows.

Source: Twitter

  • 1st to tweet
  • #twitterforwindows yes pull down to refresh is definitely good. But I like the Windows Central app refresh style(I mean refresh icon) is way better. They can chose this style.
  • Pull down to refresh is already avialble in Windows 8.1 phone. So whats the big deal here?  
  • Talking about first... The first concept was way better
  • Too much wasted space and only two designers worked on WP?
  • Agreed, on large screen devices, it should put "Trending" on the side like on the web, so that it'll have less blank space. I do like it's icon in the taskbar though!
  • Tweet them
  • No. Two of the designers that DID work on WP are now at Twitter.
  • Its indeed have too many wasted space. If they just go to Tweetdeck route, it would be better. Multi-column would be the best approach with this.
    They seriously need to give features similar to their web counterpart. I think even just one designer do the job, but the current Twitter "redesign" felt like it wasn't designed by a designer, but someone just happens know how to slap a things to make a UI.
  • Read carefully, it's twitter's design team plus 2 from WP design team
  • did you not read the article? it says two designers who used to work on Windows Phone, they're now working for Twitter.
  • They edited the article. The original post were only mentioned about two designers worked on WP.
  • It says Twitter's design team, which includes two designers from Microsoft. Meaning Twitter's team plus Microsoft's 2 designers.
  • I swear, every time i see someone complain about "wasted space" theyre actually referring to negative space and fail to realize how important it is to keep the app from feeling overwhelmed and cluttered
  • That's not true at all. In general when people say "wasted space" (especially in examples like this), it has nothing to do with functional (or aesthetic) negative space. It's simply wasted.
  • The key is that it is an universal app. It should be ready out the gate for Windows 10 Mobile and moving forward features will be able to come to both desktop and phone at the same time.
  • ^ This! Otherwise it simply feels like false marketing. If your average joe loves Win 10 desktop, decides to try out Windows phone as he/she is also intrigued by the universal app formula but goes to the store to download an app like Twitter which is said to be a universal app and is available on desktop but not phone, it raises question marks. Not good
  • The accent colours actually looked pretty nice.
  • +1
  • I actually like the app, better than the old one. New tweets show up pretty quick too.I just hope they add those missing features and keep updating the app on a regular basis and yeah.. make it universal eventually.
  • It is not just that it lacks power feautes, the design itself of the app is utter garbage...
  • How is this an universal app when it's nowhere to be find on the W10 mobile store ? What about the mobile most important feature, which is integration with the People hub?
  • It's universal because the code will be shared between 10 and 10 mobile. Just because it's not ready yet for mobile didn't mean it's not universal.
  • well...they should have released it when the phone version was finished also. Universal means for all devices, and should be released at the same time! that's universal, not only shared code. as it is now it's the same situation as in Win 8.1, pc version released, phone version separate..where can you see any universal stuff here besides shared code?? If all devs will behave like this there will be no difference, still apps will come to pcs/tablets and later or never to phones... If they wanted to build a new universal app they should have released it as beta on pcs/tablets to gather feedback, and only when ALL it's ready to release it to ALL DEVICES!!!!
  • Except for the fact that mobile isnt out yet. Should they wait?
  • Talk about clueless.....
  • You're missing one key point. Windows 10 has launched. Mobile has not. We shouldn't be waiting on phones being finished for anything. Whether you like it or not more people will likely use Windows 10 on PCs than phones around the world. So there's nothing wrong with getting apps out there right now. Nothing at all.
  • Chill bro. If you're not careful you're gonna pop a blood vessel.
  • Jesus, you are so wrong in that! Is W10 Mobile even out yet? Is it? I GUESS NO! You guys, all you know is complain complain complain
  • I like the new app. Nice and clean. When can we expect a new Windows central app? :)
  • I'm sure they're aware that the app lacks some features that people have come to expect.In fact, I know they are. Otherwise, they wouldn't be asking for feedback. They've taken a cue from W10's development, it would seem, and are actively attempting to engage the Windows community on how it would like to see the app develop. To that I offer... bravo. Let's offer constructive criticism and help them in creating a first class, first party app experience, something many around here are always clamoring about the lack thereof.
  • What feedback? The app is a limited version of the web service. They need feedback to add the basic functionalities? I downloaded the app and its limited, only new thing you can see vines, but videos redirect to webpage, no columns. Good work... I'm sure they put a lot of effort to create this wonderfull ......
  • Tweet @twitter with your feedback on how to make the app better and include the hashtag #twitterforwindows
  • Quote retweet would make it complete.
  • Quote rt and dark theme.. Would be great
  • I'd love to have the option of color-matching the sidebar of Twitter to my accent color.
  • I love the new update. Even though quote RT isn't there yet, it still feels more complete than the previous version. Can't wait for mobile.
  • What's with the WC posters and pushing for a pull to refresh? It hardly ever works right anyway. Twitters WP app never worked well with pull to refresh, no point in having it if there is a refresh button lol.
  • Pull to refresh works perfectly fine for me. I'd much rather have that, or at least have the option.
  • true. but no option needed. it is not anything that would stop you from doing what you do if the pull to refresh would be there. actually would like to see this in more "time based" lists like people hub - outlook mail etc. handed in a feedback in the feedback app for microsoft already though
  • I really hate it when you just want to update your timeline and have to scroll all the way up to do that stupid flick.
  • It can't be that hard to drag your mouse to the bottom to click a button. Pull for refresh was annoying for me, had to scroll all the way up.
  • Still fugly. I'll stick with Tweetium or, in a pinch, Tweetdeck. That's the UI they should have gone with. Most people have widescreens except on mobile, having all that empty space on both sides is not appealing.
  • I am missing multiple account support
  • missing oull down to refresh (as mentioned), but more importantly, swipe to go back (on touch screens). pain in the a** to move hand all the way down to the new back button on the taskbar. and playing youtube and vime inline would be good too.
  • So this is a "what not to do" tutorial? because the Win10 twitter app is not that great...
  • Powerusers need "pull to refresh"? Surely you are still touching the screen so does it matter if you pull or press a refresh button?  
  • well.. on one case you have to click somewhere to find the button. on the other case you have the complete screen to refresh or just use the mouse wheel
  • It's a single button. How hard is it for someone to drag their mouse to the button in the bottom left hand corner? Is it really that big of an issue?
  • I'm all about lean practices and fast iterative cycles, but don't produce a client app that's 5 years behind the current version and call it progress. Missing quoted RT is missing a rather basic feature, and I'd have expected most of that functionality is provided by their API. It often amazes me what little comes from companies that are so much bigger than the product they produce.
  • I am using the app and it loads new contents automatically
  • Yeah.Pretty nice isn't it? Am i the only one who thinks this app is ok?It sure needs improvement but it isn't that bad.
  • I think this app is great! It's nice, neat and streamlined. Unlike the webpage which is full of crap I don't care about. But anyway, new features would most certainly be welcomed, preferably a dark theme, that would be nice.
  • Why haven't they build it trully universal?? meaning PHONES ALSO???
  • "Universal App" is mostly Marketing blabla.
  • Because W10 Mobile hasn't launched yet.
  • If W10M hasn't actually launched....then why in the world would they release the app right now?!? When universality isn't working in MS apps yet, how would you expect it to work in 3rd party apps?
  • Because one of the supported platforms is available now. Why would or should they not release a completed app because they can't release it on all supported platforms? Once its released on mobile they will be updated and upgraded together. At least now the app is in the wild ready for user feedback. When its released on W10M it will be more feature rich then the desktop version is now.
  • Righ, dude. They will totally miss the W10 launch date to release the new app and will fckng wait till November, to release both at the same time. Sometimes the guys here are just a bunch of old dumb whiners
  • I don't like the design of the new app neither. Is there absolutely no way of getting rid of all that negative space?? Jesus..
  • Good
  • To be honest: it looks and feels awful :-) Worse than the old one, and that was pretty bad already.
  • Thug life
  • Can u add multiple accounts?
  • Nope. This is my biggest complaint.
  • Wow windows users are ungrateful. No app, hate. No update, mega hate, new app, trash it. Not hard to please at all
  • Exactly. Seems like no one here wants to see apps on win10 or something
  • I like the app, it's straightforward, clean and simple. It looks good too. Be happy that they actually did a refresh.
  • I like it. The thing is only people who hate bother to comment, that's why for example you see 100 hater comments on a YouTube video that has 100000 likes and 100 dislikes :)
  • It looks nice. Cant wait to try it out.
  • So if you use "pull to refresh" you are a twitter power user. What a time to be alive.
  • hahaha. this app is basic beyond belief. They took about 3 hours to make it. What about windows phone?
  • W10M isn't out yet.
  • It is a start.
  • I don't understand some people on this site - never happy!! I haven't used the app yet, so don't know the full details other than what I've read here. But here are a couple of thoughts: 1. There are so many complaints about big named apps not supporting windows (phone or 8), yet we have one that has launched for day one!! Let's actually be happy about that and support them rather than moan about it - otherwise we might just find all the big names say 'screw it' when there is such an ungrateful community. 2. The full SDK only came out yesterday, they have done pretty well to make sure they have an app out. They probably missed out on some features because they would be working against non-final sdk. Better to have it work than not. 3. Right now, who cares about Mobile - as a developer for this platform it is actually a massive nightmare trying to re-imagine apps that need to be so flexible on screen size. 4. Pull down to refresh - this is really a touch screen feature - the majority of users right now won't be using that so why not wait to implement a tricky thing a little later. Give them a break and just say thanks!!
  • They're app is not bad. I quite like it for it's clean and streamlined design and kudos to the Titter team for pushing out an update the day 10 launched. Mobile will get it when Mobile launches. Has W10M launched? No, so no app yet. Stop complaining.
  • You know I'm not complaining about Twitter yeah? I'm complaining about all the complainers - Ironic, I know;!
  • You hit the nail on the head. Windows fans are so angry, ungrateful & cynical. These guys are actually asking for feedback to make the app better FOR US & rather than just suggest what they want to see people would rather just moan and make personal attacks. So sad tbh.