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What you need to know

  • Twitter appears to be testing the option to undo Tweets.
  • The Twitter client Fenice already allows you to do this on Windows 10.
  • You can turn the feature off if you prefer your Tweets to go out immediately.

Twitter appears to be working on an "Undo Send" feature that allows you to undo a Tweet for a short time. A GIF shared by Jane Manchun Wong on Twitter shows off the undo timer. This could be a handy feature for stopping a Tweet from going out that has a spelling mistake, though the ability to undo only lasts for a moment. If the ability to undo Tweets for a short time is appealing to you, there's good news. You can already do this on Windows 10 with an app called Fenice.

Fenice is a Twitter client and one of the best Windows 10 apps around. It also made our best of 2020 list as the best Windows social app.

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Fenice has a highly customizable interface, lets you split out columns individually, and has several unique features, including the ability to undo Tweets.

Within the advanced settings of Fenice, you can enable an option to give yourself five seconds to undo any Tweet that you send.

Fenice Undo Tweet SettingSource: Windows Central

If you have this setting on, you'll see a countdown after any Tweet that you send.

Fenice Undo Tweets TimerSource: Windows Central

The downside of Fenice is that it costs $4. For that price, you get plenty of features and a gorgeous layout, but it's still $4 more than using the official Twitter app or Twitter on the web.

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Fenice 5

Fenice 5 is a unique Twitter client that's customizable and full of features. You can drag and drop Tweets to quote them, customize the app's view, and popout columns into their own windows.

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