Best Windows 10 Apps for Your New PC 2022

Microsoft Store
Microsoft Store (Image credit: Matt Brown | Windows Central)

The best Windows 10 apps for your new PC will provide you with the fundamentals to turn your PC into a powerhouse. Whether you need apps for productivity, entertainment, or somewhere in between, the Microsoft Store has all the apps you need. Here are some of the best for your new Windows 10 PC.

If we're making some suggestions

All of the above apps will make a great addition to the best Windows laptops and PCs out there, but there are a couple we'd recommend you get first. If you're looking to take better control over Windows 10, PowerToys is a great place to start.

Enpass is especially important when it comes to your digital security, so getting it early is a great idea. If you're using your PC for productivity purposes, Office 365 should quickly prove itself invaluable, and don't forget to add Netflix, Readit, and Fenice to the mix for when you want to kick back and relax.

If you're looking for more apps to accompany a Windows 10 PC with touch display and inking, have a look at our roundup of the best apps for an active pen.

As an extra tip, check out Executive Editor Daniel Rubino's guide on how to install Disney Plus as a Windows 10 app. Alongside instructions for getting started with Disney, it outlines what Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are, how they work within a browser, and how they can be "installed" as an app even when there's no official software available. It's a great trick that can net you quicker access to some of your favorite services.

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