Twitter videos can now be 140 seconds long

Twitter is now allowing anyone to upload longer videos to their accounts. The new video length limit is 140 seconds, compared to the older limit of 30 seconds. Twitter's sister app Vine is beta testing a way to upload videos up to 140 seconds as well.

In a blog post, Twitter stated:

Starting today, you'll have more room to unleash your creativity on Twitter. Where previously, uploaded videos were limited to 30 seconds, now anyone can create video Tweets up to – you guessed it – 140 seconds long. (Select publishers will continue to be able to post videos up to 10 minutes long through our professional publisher tools.)

The support is being added to Twitter on iOS, Android and the web, and will be included soon in updates to its Windows and Mac apps.

In the near future, iOS and Android Twitter users will be able to view videos that will take up the entire screen:

Here's how it will work: tapping on a video Tweet or Vine on your timeline will take you to a new, full-screen viewing experience, where more great video and Vine Tweets will be suggested below.

Vine is beta testing the longer 140 second video length with a select group of users. Those videos will also be able to be watched in a full-screen mode:

You'll continue to see Vines, those short looping trailers we all know and love. It's just that now some Vines might have a longer video too. If you're not yet seeing the "Watch more" option, hang tight! (We're rolling the changes out to everyone as fast as we can, but computers like to be methodical. Those are the rules!)

John Callaham