New Nokia exclusives appear on Xbox for Windows Phone 7: Spy Mouse and Trivial Pursuit

Wow, Nokia is aggressively aiming to attract Xbox gamers to their Lumia Windows Phones lately. Two weeks ago they published exclusives The Game of Life; Jet Set Go, and Parking Mania out of the blue; their exclusive port of Connect 4 dropped to 99 cents over the weekend; and Mirror’s Edge just became free for all Lumia owners. Chalk another point up to Nokia as two new exclusive Xbox games debut today: Spy Mouse and Trivial Pursuit, both from Electronic Arts.

Note that at press time, the store pages for these games are not working through web browsers. You may be able to view them on your phone… But they seem to be miscategorized as WP7-only games, meaning Lumia 810, 820, 822 and 920 owners can’t grab them just yet. Surely Microsoft will have these issues sorted out soon.

Spy Mouse - $2.99 – Store Page

Spy Mouse iOS version

Originally developed by Firemint, makers of Flight Control, Spy Mouse is another line-drawing game. It’s not like we have a ton of those in the Xbox Windows Phone lineup; Harbor Master is the only other genre entry available.  Anyway, Spy Mouse differs from those titles as you’re just controlling a single mouse in this game, not a fleet of them.

In each of the game’s 80-ish levels (not sure of the exact count yet), you’ll have to help the secret mouse agent reach his goal while evading deadly cats. Not only do you draw a line to direct him, but the mouse can use power ups, gadgets, and other tricks to stay ahead of his feline foes.

The iOS version of Spy Mouse launched at 79 cent and is now free, but $2.99 isn’t too bad for a game like this.

Trivial Pursuit- $2.99 – Store Page

Forget about piddly little Connect 4, this is the board game we’ve been waiting for! Make your way around the board, answering trivia questions as you go. The Windows Phone version only supports Pass-and-Play multiplayer, as it lacks the local Wi-Fi option of the iOS game. Still, gathering around the phone for a bit of trivia should be a great way to pass the time with friends.

Well, that's two more games from the Nokia/EA teaser video we can scratch off. Will you be grabbing either game, Lumia owners?

QR: Spy Mouse

QR: Trivial pursuit

Paul Acevedo

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  • What? Not free!  JK :-P
  • I don't think it is even as updated as the iOS version. But I will say that if Nokia is giving about a month of access before WP8 Lumias get these games, I support it. After all, it gives incentive to WP7 owners to stay with WP and another benefit of being a Lumia owner. I only hope the price drops and it comes to WP8 soon.
  • Yea, more games HTC owners can't download..
  • Well this should not be no surprise to any HTC or Samsung buyers.
    Developers have been gathering for Nokia exclusives since the Lumia 800 release in 2011. I mean the developers interested grew over 60% in the first 6 months after Nokia made the WP announcement back in 2011. 
  • yeah but you have that cool htc hub with an exclusive flashlight app
  • The big clock with the weather is cool =D
    As for the flashlight, there is an app called Flashlight 7 that works on all devices and that is kinda better than the HTC one
  • Flashlight-X is the bst IMO. =)
  • Don't patronize me Pnhd.
  • One of the primary reasons why i switched to the L900, was sick of hearing everyday of this app exclusitivity hence moved from the HTC radar, i still love that phone...
  • LOL no HTC ACCESS. This sucks
  • I think Microsoft should try and fight this obvious separation of its customers.
  • They should, but it seems like Nokia is the only one going with money and getting these apps to the platform....
  • Microsoft should try and fight this? They're the one's who endorse and implement it. 
  • I agree with the host.
    I also have to believe one day soon HTC might score an exclusive app or 2 as well
  • Just to be clear, a Nokia executive said Microsoft, not Nokia, told them about the exclusive apps that they will be offering. I think the app exclusivity is stupid, unless it is made by Nokia or Nokia arranged a deal to get the app to the entire ecosystem after a month-3 months exclusivity. That way everyone benefits. And possibly HTC may get exclusive apps if Microsoft moves a little further from Nokia, and decides not to make their own devices. Unless HTC makes deals with developers.
  • Yep Nokia is exclusive to WP so they get exclusive apps
  • Why Nokia puts up the money for these apps why should HTC and Samsung enjoy u should bought a Nokia is all they will say, not different software just exclusive apps just like we will never get HTC apps
  • This is true.
  • Actually they don't need to. Apparently HTC and Samsung want to free-ride the WP to success on Nokia's back. That's not how it works in real life.
    Why not just switch to what are clearly superior devices?
  • LOL the timing of the WP8 update was what killed alot of us. Quite honestly. I was a first Gen Nokia user. I like the support of Nokia and MS with the various incentives they've been pushing. HTC is making no leaps and bounds to keep the customer attracted other than pushing new products. Samsung is quiet...
  • Once my contract allows I'll get a "superior" device. Until then I can only hope that HTC and Nokiawill keep my attention
  • Oooooooh!!
  • Nokia deserves recognition for the efforts they've put into bringing these titles to the Windows Phone ecosystem. They get timed exclusives but in the end they've brought applications in which would like have not existed otherwise. HTC, Samsung, etc did nothing to help spark developer interest. They repurposed some Android handsets and tossed them out like bait to see if someone would bite before getting on board.
    Nokia has no choice but to make it work and they should be rewarded even if it's just temporary.
  • Why? It is selling phones for those who invest in the platform. It is why I not only bought a Nokia phone, but bought Nokia stock.
  • don't feel too badly, tried to get spy mouse on my 920 and it says it's not supported by my device. 
  • Works on my Lumia 800 so it's only for WP7.X Lumia's at the moment. 
  • Yeah kinda wondering why I couldn't re download any of the dark knight apps on my 920
  • so the WP7 moniker is, for the moment at least, not a miscategorization. 
  • If this continues, my next phone will be a Nokia. So I guess this business model is working.
  • Can't wait for the neXt Ngage! The more games the better.
  • Spy Mouse looks great fun!
  • The unavailability is not a WP7 WP8 thing. It's just not available in all regions as of yet.
  • No it is definitely a wp7/8 issue no regions. While it is true this actually may not be available in some regions, it is OS related as well. It downloads fine on my Lumia 900, but on my 920 it says not compatible.
  • Oh, okay. I'm sorry then. I only got the region error instead of the incompatibility one. oO
  • I can't even fathom why HTC or Samsung Windows Phone owners are the least bit surprised or bothering to comment at all other than to say, "grats, enjoy".  Nokia announced and planned exclusive apps for Windows Phone from day one.  This was made very clear and they have always promoted this part of their push and commitment to Windows Phone.  The problem is you didn't care or think it was important, or a factor when you bought your HTC or Samsung.  Celebrate your Beats technology and 88 degree FF camera, or your microSD and hardware home button (lol?) of the products you preferred, most of which Lumia doesn't have.  That or just share this kind of thing on HTC and Samsung feedback pages.. the current leader(s) of Android devices.
  • Thank you. I don't see how people don't understand this. Nokia is all in and is being aggressive. HTC and Samsung have other revenues of cash floating in so their not going to rush to get developers on board when they making money from Android. If you bought an HTC or a Samsung and still don't understand why this is happening your delusional. I learned my lesson from the Titan II debacle.
  • What a clever smartass you are, rjmlive. Maybe you should think twice, and then you may recall that HTC and Samsung had been in this before Nokia was even on the table. I mean WP7 ist just about two years old. So all the early adopters should have done what exactly in your opinion? Have a deeper look into their magic ball???
    Grow up or go home, fanboy!
  • I'm not sure why you are angry. Nokia is in the business of selling Lumias, not selling Windows Phones. If they pony up the cash to entice developers to build apps for Windows Phone. I think that means they deserve at least some time in exclusivity.
    I had a Samsung WP7 device and I liked it a lot. But when my contract was up and I was ready for a new phone, I picked Nokia. Unfortunately, some people are stuck in contracts right now. But besides trying to sell to Android and iOS users, Nokia wants WP users' next phone to be a Lumia.
  • I am not angry at Nokia. I just felt his comment was a bit off. What really got to me is that his attidute implies a very simplistic view on the world. I for one do not have a contract for certain reasons. So I bought my HTC Mozart for proper cash. And that was indeed well before Nokia entered the WP market. And with all the buzz going on about the 7.8 update and what it may bring, I feel I will stick with my HTC for a little while longer. Because I like it.
    So, all I am asking is that those people thinking in just black and white to do their homework before posting such childish comments.
    Do I like what Nokia is doing with their exclusiveness? No.
    Do I bevelieve it is good for Windows Phone as a whole? Of course!
    Can I live with it? Certainly yes.
  • And what did they achieve being first on the table? they released sup par hardware with no support afterwards. So what if you are an early adopter? It's nokia responsabillity to update your phone? Maybe you should direct your focus at samsung,htc,lg and all the oems from the first batch of wp that didn't do jack for the platform. It's their fault they are not creating value for their products. Nokia is doing all it can to assure it's costumers have all they need. And judging by the fact they single handedly ressurected wp7, the fact that they sold in their first quarter more than all the other oems have sold in an year, and most of the developers that are now developing for wp are only here because of nokia, i'd say nokia is doing a mighty fine job with these exclusives.
  • He's not being a fanboy Chris, you are just being a moron! Yes, HTC and Samsung were the legacy OEMs for WP7 BUT due to their positions in Android, it wasn't be all end all with taking a risk with Windows Phone OS.... And that was quite clear with the lack of the support they provided post release (and this is coming from a HD7 owner)..... Yes Nokia are only interested in selling Lumias BUT you have to consider since their arrival, WP7 picked up due to their FULL backing AND providing elegant designs and kickass support for their consumers..... And with this full backing, bringing devs on board.... You just sound pissed as Lumia owners get these benefits, and other OEM owners are left in the dark due to them OEMs not really giving a shit!
  • You didn't get the point. I was pissed because that one comment was supposed to make any non-Nokia owner feel as if they were shit, although they supported the platform right from the start. How could they (me included) have known how things would go? I did not know that WP7 was only meant to be a bridging technology. And maybe HTC and the likes were kind of knowing that already back then. Nonetheless, I don't regret buying an HTC. And again: I don't blame Nokia for their approach. After all it is their last chance anyway. So they have to go all in. Nothing wrong with that.
    But pointing one's finger at other people just because they have a different taste IS fanboyism all the way. Sorry, but that's what it is. And THAT pissed me off. Nothing more.
  • +1 Chris. I hate all these idiots who point the finger at legacy adopters who've been here from day one as if it's our faults we supported Samsung and HTC when those were our ONLY choices for the most part. At least in the U.S., most people who get a new phone do so on a two year contract, because the phones are just so expensive off contract. It's not our faults we're still locked into contracts that are still ongoing because WE adopted the WP platform long before Nokia was even a player in the game.
  • Another point is if you are on Verizon, you only had one option (HTC Trophy) until about a week ago. So suggesting we had a choice to go to Nokia all along if you want to stick with Verizon is totally not true.
  • Sooooo wp8 people can't dl it yet?
  • I loved my focus while it lasted but this 920 gets better and better. Can't wait to pick up trivial pursuit.
  • Some of these people have to thank Nokia. Even if they have exclusives they will eventually come. Imagine if Nokia hadn't joined the Windows Phone party? I don't remember seeing Samsung Devices or HTC devices in commercials or being advertised in billboards everywhere. Hell the HTC Arrive on Sprint went forgotten so did the Trophy in Verizon. HTC rushed the Titan II right after the Titan I and then couldn't get Tango to AT&T users to fix a lot of issues (keyboard bug) without hack or a workaround. Its Thanksgiving guys.... BE THANKFUL!!
  • So are these just available for the 920? I went to the app pages and it says it's not available for my device, the 820
  • Did you even read the article? Currently it is only available for wp7 lumias. If you try to download it on a 920,820,822 it will say incompatible. The article says this is probably a glitch, which it should be, but I am a little apprehensive.
  • How about an 810? :D
  • No, I didn't read the article. I just assumed the games would be there. Probably shouldn't as you know what they say about making assumptions.
  • Yes, please always read our articles before commenting. We put a lot of effort into writing them for you! :)
  • I'm done with windows phone if they keep doing this exclusive crap!!
  • Might as well pack it up now, because if nothing else carrier exclusivity won't be going away anytime soon either.
  • Nice seeing you. This will keep up b/c the OEMs aren't stepping up. I'm not sure why you don't get frustrated with you OEM and leave for Nokia vs downgrading to iPhone or Android.
  • I would love to get the Nokia Lumia 920 but it's only for AT&StupidT lol.. I'm with T-Mobile and don't like their selection of WP8..
  • Kind of funny - all this exclusive complaint stuff.... HTC does nothing for WP, Samsung does nothing for WP, Nokia gets devs, listens to cusomters (Cyan 920 for example - moving buttons higher), Nokia has incredible support (Purple hue in the 900), but somehow, Nokia is to blame here for the effort...I understand you want choice, i get it.. thats great and all, but not sure what the complaint is here. If Nokia decides to pay/get a certain app, shouldnt they be first to capitalize? Unless HTC and Samsung want to chip in. Maybe you should be writing emails to Samsung and HTC and tell them to get on the ball. just a thought.
  • Okay, Trivial Pursuit needs to become non-exclusive ASAP.  Or someone needs to buy me a Lumia...also ASAP.  Either way, I want some trivia goodness on my phone!
  • It's gotten to the point that I enjoy watching the HTC and Sammy owners whine about their inferior phones. If you haven't taken the hint by now, you're doing it wrong.
  • I suppose I would be a bad dad if I quietly swapped my HD7 for my daughter's 710...
  • Unusual massive size of spy mouse worries me what's in it...
  • Says both games are not comparable with my phone ?Lumia 920
  • And when I search for it on the marketplace its not there
  • Reading the article is a good idea. :P
  • I know, same here guys. Doesn't work for Lumia 920, and the marketplace states that the games are not available in my region. I'm from the US.
  • Lol! I know, it's stated perfectly clear in there what phones these are for (hint not WP8)!
  • I'm still waiting for the HTC hub, flashlight, Samsung's im service, and that LG dlna app. Till then I guess im stuck with these books exclusive apps...damn!
  • Nice!
  • I am beginning to regret not having brought a lumia series mobile
  • Man it's just so funny to see everybody get their panties in a bunch over phones. I think everybody just needs to take a deep breath, step back, and get some perspective on what they're arguing about here.