New Nokia exclusives appear on Xbox for Windows Phone 7: Spy Mouse and Trivial Pursuit

Wow, Nokia is aggressively aiming to attract Xbox gamers to their Lumia Windows Phones lately. Two weeks ago they published exclusives The Game of Life; Jet Set Go, and Parking Mania out of the blue; their exclusive port of Connect 4 dropped to 99 cents over the weekend; and Mirror’s Edge just became free for all Lumia owners. Chalk another point up to Nokia as two new exclusive Xbox games debut today: Spy Mouse and Trivial Pursuit, both from Electronic Arts.

Note that at press time, the store pages for these games are not working through web browsers. You may be able to view them on your phone… But they seem to be miscategorized as WP7-only games, meaning Lumia 810, 820, 822 and 920 owners can’t grab them just yet. Surely Microsoft will have these issues sorted out soon.

Spy Mouse - $2.99 – Store Page

Spy Mouse iOS version

Originally developed by Firemint, makers of Flight Control, Spy Mouse is another line-drawing game. It’s not like we have a ton of those in the Xbox Windows Phone lineup; Harbor Master is the only other genre entry available.  Anyway, Spy Mouse differs from those titles as you’re just controlling a single mouse in this game, not a fleet of them.

In each of the game’s 80-ish levels (not sure of the exact count yet), you’ll have to help the secret mouse agent reach his goal while evading deadly cats. Not only do you draw a line to direct him, but the mouse can use power ups, gadgets, and other tricks to stay ahead of his feline foes.

The iOS version of Spy Mouse launched at 79 cent and is now free, but $2.99 isn’t too bad for a game like this.

Trivial Pursuit- $2.99 – Store Page

Forget about piddly little Connect 4, this is the board game we’ve been waiting for! Make your way around the board, answering trivia questions as you go. The Windows Phone version only supports Pass-and-Play multiplayer, as it lacks the local Wi-Fi option of the iOS game. Still, gathering around the phone for a bit of trivia should be a great way to pass the time with friends.

Well, that's two more games from the Nokia/EA teaser video we can scratch off. Will you be grabbing either game, Lumia owners?

QR: Spy Mouse

QR: Trivial pursuit

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