Microsoft shows off two tiny Windows 10 PCs, including one that's inside a power adapter

Microsoft showed off a bunch of upcoming PCs that will use Windows 10 during its Computex 2015 keynote address. Two of them are small form-factors designed to connect to big-screen TVs, including one, the Quanta Compute Plug, that has its PC hardware inside a power adapter.

Microsoft stated:

"The new Compute plug from Quanta is a mini PC and power adapter in one that can be plugged into any outlet and connected to a TV to turn it into a smart computer that can be controlled using Cortana via a Bluetooth remote or headset."

FoxConn Kangaroo

Another small PC that was shown during the keynote was the Foxconn Kangaroo. Microsoft said:

"The Foxconn Kangaroo is an ultra-portable desktop PC powered by the latest Intel Cherry Trail processor, featuring a six-hour battery and a fingerprint reader that supports Windows Hello. It can turn a TV into a full Windows 10 PC, and be used as a set top box or streaming device."

Both of these products are the latest attempts to put PC hardware inside tiny form-factors, similar to the recently launched Intel Compute Stick, which put a Windows 8.1 PC inside a HDMI dongle. There's no word yet on the specific hardware inside the Quanta Compute Plug or the Foxconn Kangaroo, nor any information or a launch date or prices for these PCs.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

  • Lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • wow, and to think that will technically be classed as a desktop PC! :)
  • So we can  hack even  TVs now 
  • Cars can be hacked, why not tvs?
  • TV can be hacked, why not Windows' lock and Doors' lock (in real life)
  • you will still technically be hacking a computer, tv is just a monitor :)
  • Now my desktop feels obsolete, except when I'm playing games....
  • The second one looks about the size of a smartphone. For those who say the hardware for you phone to be your PC isnt here yet, you might want to reconsider. Sure it wont do heavy processing, but we're getting very close.
  • It still doesn't have touchscreen. And it has a battery life of 6 hours (maybe 5 in real use), with an external screen. And as far as i know, the screen is one of the most power-consuming part of the smartphones. So the whole point of my sentence is, thay it would have a really really short battery life.
  • Very interested in the second one. Would be a great tv streaming device that would blow away apple tv, fire tv, etc because you'd have full Windows store and apps.
  • You could make yourself a htpc using windows 8.x :P.
  • The Windows Store is missing basic streaming apps like Sling TV and HBO GO.
  • Seen reviews of compute stick basically say cherry trail is basically fine for web browsing/ylutube not much else
  • It reminds me of the burning smell while playing super mario on a sega console for hours.
  • Maybe the burning smell came from attempting to plug a Nintendo cartridge inside a Sega console ?    (or was there ever a super mario on sega at that time ?)
  • LOL!
  • @yannickv. Lmao
  • kudos, he was able to make it run on sega though :)
  • Yes there was. Sega Master System II
  • Wait, what?
  • The only change I'd make to the first one is foldable power teeth. If you're meant to carry it, it'd be nice to just fold'em down for the journey.
  • Probably a good idea, but I am not sure that this is meant to be carried around often.  It is ovbiously very portable, but I think it is meant to be plugged in and left.  I am thinking in a kitchen hooked up to a small TV, maybe in a garage or bedrooms, etc.
  • I'm actually getting rid of my monitor and speakers and hooking up my PC to the Telly. I rarely use it anyways. But when I do, it's heavy tasks like managing music, so I need a decent one
  • "heavy tasks like managing music" ?
  • Haha.... Funny how people think that doing basic tasks as managing files calls for a high end cpu / apu.
  • haha. Maybe he's using iTunes for all audio management.
  • For all the slack iTunes gets, at least it works in comparison to Xbox music which constantly freezes on my PC. So yeah, I need all the horsepower I can get. iTunes also does a better job of managing music and folders outside the app. You should try it instead of drinking that Haterade.
  • I've never seen a more memory-hungry program than iTunes on Windows (Chrome comes a close second). But if you're saying Xbox Music is more inefficient, well.
  • Sorry but you're in the minority... ITunes is famously crappy even to apple die-hards... My Xbox music works fine but iTunes (and specifically its draconian policies) was what caused me to switch to WP to begin with.... My apple phones were nice when jail broken but the fact they Apple CONSTANTLY tried to break the jail break AND required internet connectivity to load phone OS even when using an OS file stored on the desktop was just too much for me... I lived in the country with no internet at home and had to take a laptop to the public library to load an OS or do it at work... Totally inconsiderate of apple to needlessly require internet connectivity in that senario.
  • that called a power PC lol
  • Well, I know what I'll be buying myself for Christmas. LOL. 
  • Needs built-in powerline networking! :)
  • The plug looks like it would fall out of any socket. I hope the European version uses an extended base, which would keep it steady.   Also, wondering how well it works in terms of heat management, considering that the entire system is directly on top of the PSU. The company is no-name, so I wouldn't be surprised if it had issues there.
  • It shouldn't, unless it is unevenly balanced to the back. In terms of heat dissipation, it is probably using a very low clocked soc in order to keep the tdp very low.
  • W10 PCs made for TVs right when Microsoft ends Windows Media Center.
  • Oh the irony. I uninstalled the upgrade nagger from our HTPC last night.
  • about to say the same thing :)
  • There must be alternatives, right? What was so good about Windows media player?
  • Isnt the first one a bit stupid from engeeniring  point of view. You are basicaly putting together two heat sources? Also bulky design migh prevent the use of next plug in? I really cant se the benefit of form factor in first PC.
  • So you'd rather have a separate adapter plugging into it?  This isn't any different than any other adapter, just plug it into the bottom socket and the top one will be free for use.
  • Plugins come in different shapes it might not always be as simple. Also a second design (FoxConn) is much better in my opinion.
  • Two heat sources seems to work just fine in phones. There are lots of ways to accommodate power bricks -- short extensions, power strips, etc. The benefit is clear. Think about this taking the place of an Xbox for casual games and streaming services. This will compete with Chromecast and Roku.
  • Your phone has two heat sources (if you dont count the display)  really? The last time i checked mine, the power adapter was a separet unit and there was 1m of cable between it and my phone. OR i'm i missing something here?
  • Batteries heat up too, especially under load. I'm not saying that is comparable to a PC power supply, I'm just pointing out what the other heat source the poster may have been referring to.
  • There are ways of managing heat, the easiest is to use a low voltage soc, which also would mean a low clock speed. However SoC's have progressed dramatically from the days of external north bridge and south bridge chips. So it is completely feasible to package a full pc into a plug-esque form factor.
  • They have progressed, but they still heat throttle way to quicly, if you expose them to a continuous load.  An added heat source will just make things worse no matter how you put it.
  • This will play witcher 3 at ease I'm sure :p.... Really like the second one very nice and portable.
  • So maybe can we just get Samsung or Sony or Sharp to make a version of their 4K tv's without a bunch of crap on it to slow them down?  For example, I have a Xbox One and Tivo mini (hooked to a Roamio).  Everything about the software in the Sony TV that goes along with it does basically nothing except maybe the video processing or lack thereof (Game Mode).  Maybe sound too.  I have never liked the built in software for TV's.  Adding one of these would allow users to port everything to a device that is interchangeable and probably way more useful.  Cortana on my TV is something that was coming anyways to the Xbox One, I am almost positive given this news, but people without an Xbox One for each TV can now have her there for probably cheaper. 
  • Sony doesn't know how to design a UX. The PS3 was clunky, the ps4 is still clunky, all the Sony smart tv's I've used have a clunky and dimwitted o/s. For instance to record, you need to stop pause mode. To pause, you need to stop recording then pause.... How very daft, also many don't have a option to prevent auto updates. Mine didn't until the latest update, which completely messed it up and to top it off - not able to downgrade unless hacked. Several of my neighbours still don't have that option to prevent auto updates, then again they don't really use the smart tv functions so not an issue for them.
  • Sony doesn't make the OS of their smart TVs. They're using Android TV.
  • Soon we could expect SMART TV's becoming more smart like PC in TV (PCTV) with windows 10 loaded into them . Expect such SMART TV's in end of this year or next year probably. Microsoft is really getting a big push here. Transform the Entertainment segment.
  • If they could just add an ethernet port it would be complete. You really can't rely on a wireless connection in a business environment.
  • And furthermore, do these have a HDMI in and out?  I would actually just like a overlay of the functionality of Cortana and W10 to a HDMI signal I am already getting for ease of use. Like how the Xbox One already does it.  Maybe not all the bells and whistles though.
  • Wow this is actually really smart!  Yay innovation and small form factors!
  • Some manufacturer needs to make a device like these running x86 windows 10 with HDMI 2.0 and GPU enough to handle 4k h265. I think the X5 and X7 does support it, but I doubt the Foxconn device will have HDMI 2.0 because everything moves so slowly.
  • The wallwart version could be really nice for digital signage but it seems like an easy target for theives. Maybe it makes sense to have an extension from the top that you can put a secruity screw in to replace the standard screw in a normal faceplate.
  • @DaveSC or have an app installed on it like the find my phone feature on WP, and when the thief plugs it in and connects to the net you can just locate it.
  • Wow
  • I hope they can make it a gaming PC, that will change the world O.O
  • but wait people will notice something like this when the fruit and the droids make it, so MS start advertising on TV and Media not on youtube..
  • Can it play Crysis?
  • My life will not be complete until I see 12 Compute plugs on a single long-ass power strip. 
  • Google's ChromeOS powered USB sticks should be as good as dead right now. Good move!
  • Amazing i can not even how smart home will be in near future with these gadget!!! Thank you Microsoft  + intel + foxcon and .......  
  • AMD showed a similar PC a couple of years ago that simply plugged into a power outlet.
  • Check out my wall mounted PC, *points to wall outlet*