Ubisoft CEO praises Microsoft for dropping Kinect, shifting focus to power of Xbox One X

Xbox One X
Xbox One X (Image credit: Windows Central)

Although Microsoft's upcoming flagship console, the Xbox One X, is still a few months away from release, developers are already announcing their plans to take advantage of the hardware going forward. With a significant increase in computational power, both existing and upcoming titles are set to leverage the additional resources.

In an interview with GameSpot, Ubisoft CEO, Yves Guillemot shared his thoughts on the upcoming Xbox One X console, and what it means for the industry overall. Specifically touching on the benefits of having a more powerful console market, Guillemot emphasized such a move shows more promise than Microsoft's previous push for the ill-fated Kinect sensor.

We did a deal with Microsoft on Assassin's Creed: Origins, which is taking really good advantage of the power of the machine. We like very much what they are doing because instead of having a Kinect or something this time the industry went after more power for the machine, so more immersion, better AI, and overall better games.

Continuing, the Ubisoft CEO stressed that having more powerful console hardware available bodes well for the games industry going forward. Provided both Microsoft and developers are willing to support such hardware, the Xbox One X has potential to succeed on the market.

We like that because it means the industry will grow because the better the experiences, the more people want to have it. We think it has a good potential. If Microsoft is really behind it, it can do well."

Among major video games publishers, Ubisoft has been keen to promote its plans to support the Xbox One X. Assassin's Creed Origins, revealed at Microsoft's E3 2017 press conference, will take advantage of the hardware, running at checkerboard 4K resolution, at 30 frames per second (FPS). Other existing Ubisoft-published titles, such as Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands and For Honor will also be seeing enhancements, although details are yet to be specified.

While the success of the Xbox One X isn't guaranteed, the leap in hardware has been generally well-received by third-party developers. With nearly one hundred titles planning to support the console so far, the console's future already looks somewhat promising. Preorders are expected to go live soon, which should hopefully provide an idea of whether gamers are willing to lay down $499, to make the jump over to new hardware.

Matt Brown

Matt Brown was formerly a Windows Central's Senior Editor, Xbox & PC, at Future. Following over seven years of professional consumer technology and gaming coverage, he’s focused on the world of Microsoft's gaming efforts. You can follow him on Twitter @mattjbrown.

  • Well, I'd just spit in Guillemot's face.
  • You would assult someone at Ubisoft because of what Microsoft did? 
  • yeah remove the complicated expensive-to-develop-for thing, add more power to compensate for our bad software instead its easy to see his reasoning
  • I don't praise Microsoft for removing Kinect.  I love my Kinect and what it can do.  I loved how it allowed me to be hands-off and navigate my entertainment while doing work in the kitchen or den.  The use of hand gestures was terrific for when I needed to be quiet late at night.  But like several other great MS products, they neutered it, cast it aside, and didn't develop it to its full potential.  All the while looking at the customers who spend the money and joy on the product just to say "sorry, not sorry."
  • Actually, the consumers made that choice for MS. There were quite a few games that supported it and MS tried to make it more robust in what consumers could do with it. Unfortunately, most gamers didn't seem to want or use the Kinect like you do. Case and point, consumers complained about the price point for the Xbox 360 and One, when it included the Kinect. MS's consoles saw record increases, once the Kinect was not bundled. Now, we can argue that the price point was the reason for the increase and likely was, but that doesn't count for the lack of interest in the device, even when it could be purchased used for half the price.
    Additionally, it wasn't supported by game developers on all fronts. Developers had to develop a multiplatform game from the ground up to fully take advantage of the Kinect. Many developers just did not want to put that time and money into a game for one platform, when they would issue updates and sequels within a year's time.
    When I think about it, MS should have taken ques from the developers in the gaming industry, when they created Windows Phone. That's a whole other issue. Lol
    Dev support is always the deciding factor, when pushing a product like consoles and phones. Fortunately, MS got a lot right with the Xbox and it did not suffer from the loss of the Kinect.
    With that said, MS is completely at fault, if at all. The Kinect was a great idea and did something that other consoles didn't do. But, if you noticed the trend, Sony and even Nintendo have moved away from gesture interactions in games. Why? Consumers just aren't that interested and it was a few people that enjoyed games that involved dancing, fighting and exercises. Consumers just want a really good gaming experience. Besides, the room required for many of these games may not have been an option for many people. We are talking about people gaming in cramped basements, bedrooms and living rooms.
  • Uhm, no. The product team wasn't fully behind it from the start.  It was a mandate from Mattrick.  Once he left for Zynga, the team could do as they pleased, which was not Kinect. There are still many of us who bought Xbox ONE over the competition BECAUSE it had Kinect.
  • I'm not disagreeing with WHY those of you that purchased the Xbox 360 or Xbox One for the Kinect. However, it doesn't change the fact about some of the issues that kept it from doing as well as it should have. Here are a few sites that validate some of my thoughts and they also mention points that I had not thought of mainly, because I never bought one. http://www.businessinsider.com/why-microsoft-xbox-kinect-didnt-take-off-... http://www.techradar.com/news/gaming/consoles/5-ways-xbox-one-kinect-fai... http://www.gameinformer.com/b/features/archive/2014/05/29/10-ways-the-ki...
  • I love my Kinect I only wish others would have had the foresight to see what a powerful tool it could have become. I also laugh now at all the people who were trashing it based on privacy concerns as they rush out to buy Alexa and Google Now speakers.
  • Me too. I found it funny how most of the console could be controlled with it without the controller, but when my kids wanted to watch DVDs (Krteček all day long), I needed to dig out the controller from one hidden part of the room they could not reach. Why didn't they go the extra mile and allowed to navigate the DVDs menu via Kinect as one can do with a mouse in just about any PC DVD player... no idea.
  • Now that Kinect api is supported on win10, maybe more app and xpa games can benefit from it.
  • I just don't understand why MS doesn't get on that also and release a Kinect without the camera, solely voice.  Could do it for $20 I bet...  I have had my Kinect since day one, even replaced it once it broke, and would LOVE a smaller voice only option (I have not used the camera in YEARS besides the auto sign in functionality).
  • Thanks Yves but we already knew that Kinect is in the basket of "innovative products mismanaged into oblivion by Microsoft".
  • How exactly did MS mismanage Kinect??
    Devs simply refused to embrace the tech despite MS literally pushing and forcing it on customers at the initial XB1 launch to make it widely available as a standard accessory. It's even part of what cost the XB1 the early lead of this gen from which they are still recovering. Yet developers simply shunned the Kinect. I know it's fun to bash MS and all, but this time, it was developers that refused the Kinect as you can clearly infer from Yves' tone on the matter - and this from a company as large as Ubisoft with all their resources.
    A similar case happened with the Wii U and its tablet which hardly any third party title took proper advantage of. Did Nintendo also mismanage it??
  • Developers AND consumers shunned Kinect. As far as I'm concerned forcing consumers to have the gimmicky Kinect was their biggest mistake. They were trying to appeal to the Nintendo crowd but didn't realise their core customers don't care about such nonsense. Give people a choice between having Kinect or saving $100 and most will opt to save the $100, as history has shown.
  • I would rather see both, but sadly Kinect was DOA on the Xbox one. Lots of potential untapped with it.
  • This is good news for Sony's PS5. I'm sure they are planning on something more powerful than the Xbox One X.  When is Microsoft going to get their VR going on the consoles?? Sony is already killing with the PS4. 
  • Windows OneCore will bring Windows Mixed Reality to all devices, Soon™. Redstone 4 perhaps.
  • Still, no free unlimited cloud sync and ps5 might still not be able to support ps1, ps2, ps3, ps4 games. (not to mention... can ps6 play ps5 games?) Certainly no pspa (to continue gaming on gaming notebook or win10.arm) in their ecosystem. I made my switch, no going back. No point buying any 3rd party games from PSStore. VR...
    esp psvr and oculus, those are not gonna thrive tbh. Amusement park setup is their best possible future. Psvr / Oculus: It's like Vive without the tracking system. Human are not owls, cockpit control scheme (car driving, jet/robot piloting, be a bird) is the only option for these typpa headset. Vive: can track your whereabouts (your headgear and controller position). msAR / msMR: map your environment so that you can pin things, allow user to interact with their environment. With MS's tech, if you can map your world... 
    How bout a 4 player PowerStone game on your 3d-scanned-table? (need 4 headsets of course) 
    How bout... RTS on your table with friends, beers and bowl of chips?
    Can you do the same with Vive? Most likely... will end up head bumping, beers and chips flying.
  • You can play other PS games on the PS4. But Sony charges you for the privilege.
  • lol you're another one of those MS/XB fan who happened to be on PS4 but switched? So you were on PS4, do you have a PSN?
  • The Kinect with Cortana together would be great on a more powerful machine.  
  • Old K2 still runs on xb1x right?
  • Yes, using the same interface found on the X1S.
  • Yes, using the same interface found on the X1S.
  • Yes, using the same interface found on the X1S.
  • Yes, using the same interface found on the X1S.
  • OK, OK...we get it...same interface...
  • The Xbox One X didn't drop Kinect I believe. You can still connect one but you just don't see much new games for it (Virtual Air Guitar and Just Dance were released recently). Talking about Ubisoft I wish they wouldn't have shifted to multi-player games and removing focus on campaign story modes for most of their titles. Would have been nice to see true SplinterCell or Rainbow six successor with good single player campaign.
  • Is there any confirmation of that? I decided not to buy X1X because I want my Kinect to work.
  • They mentioned a kinect 2.0 -> USB adapter with the One S for those who still wanted to use Kinect. I suspect the same dongle to work with the entire family of Windows based devices.
  • Don't forget FRU!!
  • Yes FRU is great but not a recent release (I liked Kung-Fu Kinect as well).. I'm not 100% sure but most likely Xbox One X probably will have same Kinect adapter feature as One S.
  • Good thing I decided to boycott that extremely ****** company 3 years ago (the Watch Dogs crap they pulled and the way they pissed on Heroes 3 around the same time)
  • Well... Does this mean Xbox One X will not be supporting Skype?
  • I second that. I use it primarily for Skype now
  • thought xb1x supports kinect2?
  • The Xbox will soon support USB peripherals. That includes webcams, thus making the Kinect for Skype not necessary.
  • Kinect seems bit easier since it's pretty wide angle and has built-in microphone.
  • So do normal webcams, like my Logitech C615 that I've had for years. Webcams have the advantage of being much smaller than Kinect, and are more flexible in where they can be placed. They're even potentially portable with a long enough cable, or you can opt for a wireless version (assuming the latter is compatible)
  • Microsoft, great products that they let die. Zune, Lumia 950XL, Band II, Kinect. I bought them all but am thinking it's time to move on. Sorry, not sorry, Microsoft.
  • Same here, minus the fitness gizmo. I'm a glutton for punishment.  I'm lining up for xbox one x.
  • The One X will have the same Kinect support as the One S. Meaning you will need the adapter for it and the IR Blaster will not work, only the IR Blaster on the console itself will work. This is my biggest gripe since the console IR is not as powerful as the Kinect and i cannot hide my Xbox away  
  • Proof or evidence please? Thanks.
  • So wait, will Kinect work at all on the Xbox One X then? Yes, it will, but you'll have to buy a Kinect adapter directly from Microsoft if you want to keep using it. It'll hook up your Kinect to one of the USB ports in the back. You can buy it directly from the Microsoft Store. http://www.gamesradar.com/xbox-one-x-questions-answered-hard-drive-space...
  • You can put your Kinect in the drawer wit your Band, your Lumina, your RT and all the other products that Microsoft ran out of ideas for. Hope you have room
  • I remember how MS/XB fans used to hype the original kinect in 2009-2010 with their "Im the controller" bs. I fell for that bs and got a kinect. I remember these long discussions with MS/XB fans in 2013-2014, were these people used to say the future of gaming was with kinect (and the cloud). These people used to say resolution didn't matter at the time... We know what happened there... lol I remember how MS/XB fans  used to tell me how great it was that they were forcing it to consumers if someone wanted the XB1. This was suppose to motivate devs to make games for it. What's really funny is that it didn't inspire MS to make games for it. They released few small games but soon dropped the support...  ofc these same people who used to debate then now talks about resolution. Funny how opinions and priority change as company changes policies...LOL
  • Funny how you make generalizations in or set to support your opinion without any real facts to back anything up.
  • What proofs or facts do you want? That many XB/MS fans didn't care about resolution in 2013-2014 but now care about it?  Or that MS made less and less games for the kinect over the years?
  • How bout making a comment with any logic behind it. Terms like 'Many' mean absolutely nothing to prove your point. You're inferring that the same people that said rez doesn't matter are now claiming it does, but what can you show to back that up?
  • I guess you weren't that active in the 2013-2014-2015. When people where downplaying higher resolution... I'm sure you weren't one of them back then... Were your? You seem to be talking about a performance and resolution lately...  If you go around forums and comment section most of the people who are excited about the XB1x happen to be MS/XB fans or already own or mostly played on XB1 (the console that usually provided the worse resolution). And I'm saying it from my experience. I'm making an observation of a situation. I mean show me people on ANY SITE who mostly played on PS4, PC or wii U excited about this console. I could show you tones of people who owned a XB1 or mostly played on the weaker XB1 excited about the console.
  • Again what logical conclusion are you coming to from your observations? And to answer you question, yes I have been active in the past and it was highly dependant on the game if I said anything about resolution. But still, you don't seem to making any point, you're just saying a lot of people said things.
  • This is what you said 2 years back:
    "I honestly think it's a numbers thing. People insist they can tell the difference between 900p and 1080p, and maybe if you sit 6" away from your big screen you can, but in the midst of action, you really can't. Too many people are hung up on numbers, and claim that the "superior console" is the PS4 due to higher benchmarks. Basically shock it up to an uninformed consumer, which sadly is a majority. "
    I guess you're the only one allowed to make generalisations to support your opinion without any real facts to back anything up. It's really funny how things work; There you were generalising and not talking about a game. Now, I'm giving MY observations. It's up to you and whoever reads it to make up their own conclusion and opinion about my post. My initial post was quite clear. I was talking of my personal opinion dealing with these people.
    I regretted buying the first kinect after all the hype it got.  Also, how I wish to discuss again with the people I debated with in 2013-2014 about kinect. In the topic where you made the comment there were people (like you) downplaying resolution and power. And that was in 2015. Some of them (including you) are hyping the XB1x for it's power and resolution. For the last few months, I have been debating with many XB/MS fans. Some have been saying the XB1x was more powerful than a gaming PC with a 1070 and comparing it to a gaming PC with a 1080. Some are even comparing it to a gaming PC with a 1080ti! LOL How I wish these people will come and talk when actual benchmark are published. If PS release a more powerful console in the future, I wonder how these people will change their point of view... I have seen these people change opinions based on what company do. And imo these people are just doing this because of brand loyalty more than anything else. There. All MY observations and opinions. You and people reading this can do whatever you want with it.  
  • Nice attempt at a straw man. Truth be told, my comment is factual. There is no discernable difference between 900p and 1080p, and as for the x1x, I'm not hyping it, I'm happy about the idea of a 4k console to go with my 4k tv. You still havent drawn a logical point. Popping up and saying "these people said this one time" with no point behind it, honestly seems ridiculous.
  • Your comment is not factual and there is no logical point. 
    It's factual, prove it. If you can't provide evidence it's not a fact... You can use "Too many people".
    You can call people who feel that a console is "superior" due to higher benchmarks, "uninformed consumer". 
    You can talk of a so-called "majority" with zero facts or evidence to prove your subjective bs. And then you'll try to reply with your bs here? Riiight.... Are you done being an hypocrite? 
    I've made a comment posted my observation and opinion. I was obviously talking of hypocrite company fanboys who change their tune, opinions or priorities when the company changes their policies. 
    If you're not happy because you feel like I was targetting you or if you think you are one such company puppet, then too bad for you.
    Just deal with it. Move along... I don't like dealing with hypocrites and fans of company/brand.
  • Strange for a guy who's company fully supports every Nintendo's weird controllers. AMHO it's a good thing not for force a kinect with every XO, but MS shouldn't drop all support like they did. They had (have ?) a very good opportunity to reuse Kinect in addition to VR headset for inside-out AND outside tracking to extend the area of VR : we'd have very precise tracking on the head and hands woth the headset & controllers, and full body tracking with kinect.
  • well MS deserve the praise. The console is consistently showing it is performing somewhere between a 1070GTX and a 1080GTX PC at the moment. And that is after only 2-3 months of development time. Imagine the next batch of games next year when they have had 1 year of Optimization. It's a beast. And is the beat console to play all 3rd party tiles on. With alot of extra visual polish over the rest. Not just resolution. 
  • More like a bit better GPU than a RX 580 or a GTX 1060.  The XB1x's GPU has feature derived of a RX 480. We'll see when there'll be actual benchmark to show what this console can do. 
  • didn't recent articles say Origins won't be checkerboard, but actual native 4k with dynamic scaling?