Ubisoft delays The Division's final two DLC packs in favor of fixing gameplay issues

Ubisoft announced that it will delay the release of the final two DLC packs for its massively multiplayer shooter Tom Clancy's The Division. The decision was made to concentrate first on fixing a number of gameplay issues and bugs for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 game.

Originally, the plan was to release the second DLC pack, Survival, sometime this summer, followed in the winter by the third pack, Last Stand. In a blog post, Ubisoft says that the Survival pack for The Division now won't be released until sometime later in 2016, followed by Last Stand which will be made available in 2017.

Ubisoft admitted that the game "has been affected by lingering issues that have accumulated since release." In October, The Division will get the free 1.4 update which will include:

  • Fixing bugs, including those listed in our Known Issues as well as many other ones
  • Making loot drops more relevant to the player
  • Enemy difficulty and time to kill
  • Gear Sets and weapons balancing
  • Solo player experience
  • Dark Zone and PvP balancing
  • Quality of life additions based on community suggestions (such as weapon skins no longer taking inventory space)

More infomation on what specific changes and improvements will be made in the update will be revealed on September 13.

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John Callaham