Ubisoft's Autodance, a Just Dance companion app for Windows Phone, coming soon

Ubisoft, who already have the Your Shape: Fitness Evolved companion app for Windows Phone, is set to introduce a free Just Dance companion app to the platform - Autodance. According to the description published on Monwindowsphone, the app will enable users to record dance routines performed by friends and family, synchronise saved performances with Just Dance 3, and upload the results to YouTube and share on Facebook.

Description of upcoming Autodance (translation):

"Save your friends doing the movements and synchronise Autodance to make real choreography. Then, like magic, your friends will move their bodies to a memorable music video. Share the talents of these new stars on Facebook, or publish them on Youtube so that they receive the glory they deserve. No need to be gifted to play Just Dance, simply use Autodance."

As mentioned above, Autodance is expected to be available (for free) on the Marketplace soon. We'll have a video up with more information shortly, so stay tuned. For now, see an example dance video after the break.

Via: Monwindowsphone (translation)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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