UC Browser continues its update spree; version 3.3 adds Wi-Fi sharing, pin to Speed Dial and more

UC Browser is a super popular alternative web browsing experience on Windows Phone. Microsoft's Internet Explorer has come a long way, but should you require a web browser with more features and regular updates, UC Browser is definitely one to keep an eye on and have installed on your Windows Phone.

Version 3.3 of UC Browser has just been pushed to the store, so open up a new tab and head past the break to find out what's new.

The first new feature added in 3.3 is the ability to pin your favourite websites and UC Browser features to the app's homescreen. This makes it possible for you to add whatever you like to the homescreen for more convenient access. Want quicker access to the cool download feature? Pin it and you're good to go - or you could pin wpcentral.com to remain on top of news and such if you prefer the native web experience. 

Next up is Wi-Fi sharing, allowing the transfer of files between phones, tablets and a PC. It's super simple to get set up. Head into the Download Manager, click on the Wi-Fi icon and you're good to go, following on-screen instructions. If all this connectivity wasn't enough, the team behind UC Browser has also bundled geo-location sharing - perfect for Facebook and other websites that can make use of your location.

The tile of the app itself has now been live-enabled, making it fit in with the rest of your installed apps. Finally, site navigation has been further categorised to make it even more convenient to get around. Overall, version 3.3 is a rather nice upgrade to an experience we already love on Windows Phone.

Are you a fan of UC Browser? We are too, which is why we've launched a new forum dedicated to the Windows Phone web browser. Be sure to head on in there to engage with other users in general discussion, peer-to-peer support and interact with the development team.

You can download version 3.3 of UC Browser from the Windows Phone Store for free. We strongly recommend you check the app out. Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • I already downloaded long back
  • Is "long back" slang for like 12 hours ago? And are you related to drosophila? 
  • Heyo Daniel
    ur doing a grrreeat job!
    is there any app on the wp store like the the one in Android 'Software Data cable" ???
  • Yup thats a much needed one
  • Gotta love it when the E-I-C replies to idiots!
  • Bhai.. Kya long back?
  • There's been alot of big updates over the weekend. Seems devs are starting to better support Windows. Between Netflix, Co Pilot, UC, Angry Birds and so many others updating this weekend keeps me hopeful that WP will thrive substantially in 2014
  • Yup, also I think it's their 2013 milestones that they want to wrap before the New Year's. But definitely lots of game updates on par with iOS/Android, which is a nice change.
  • +1
  • Yes its too sharp this time...good
  • Is UC Browser to be trusted? Privacy is key, and if it all goes through Chinese datacenters I am concerned.
  • Same here. What concerns me is the business model. A free app of this size (many features, frequent updates) must have some revenue for the developers. In fact I'd be less concerned if they charged a few bucks for this (although I know they still could steal any data they want).
  • Ya how do they get revenues?
  • Peace man, UC Browser gain revenue just as other apps: Ad & Game. Actually UC Browser has been popular on Android and iPhone, and we have enough collabration with 3rd partner to generate profit without hurting user experience. As on Windows Phone, we are still polishing our product. So User Experience before profit. Cheers and Merry Chrismas
  • Don't worry, they don't care about your porn sites. Unless you're a government agent do you really care if the Chinese get hold of your data? You should be more concerned about the NSA
  • Yes because the Chines will never use your data in a negative way. /s
  • This ^^
  • LOL
  • As I said, does anyone really care if they do? We're talking about a browser, so your browsing habits are likely to be boring at best
  • I downloaded the UC browser a few months back and within a week I was getting notifications from google about login attempts to my gmail account from China. I immediately uninstalled it, changed all of my passwords I had used through the browser, and have not had any issues since. To me, this doesn't neccessarily mean that they were selling my data or mining it themselves. It does, however, mean that their servers are accessed by someone attempting to get into peoples' accounts. Whether by choice or data breaches, it really doesn't matter. I'll stick with IE even though it is a far worse browser.
  • Hi wodin6, I am sorry to hear that. UC Browser does not sell user data, nor does UC Browser access and share any personally identifiable information. Actually, a user’s web traffic only goes through UC's servers when Speed Mode is activated in order to accelerate browsing speed. UC’s servers do not record any personally identifiable information during this process. We have not received any reports of data breaches on UC Browser’s servers.  Glad to hear you are no longer experiencing the issues.
  • I wish Microsoft made IE its own app like they're doing to Xbox music. It'd be nice to get regular updates for it.
  • +1
  • Can we set uc browser to be the default when opening links?
  • Nope
  • While opening new tabs from a website is there a way to not leave from main page?
  • You mean as holding pressed a link and invoke Open in background? Yes. That's the main reason I use UCBrowser. ^_~
  • Nope, sorry
  • I wish we had the ability to set default browser :(
  • Wish we could.  But we may talk to app developers. Maybe they can open link with UC Browser. What are your frequent used app?
  • I'm strangely satisfied with the native IE browser. It's snappy and snippy and other such adjectives from the '90s.
    Nevertheless, i shall try this app once more. For the sake of good things happening on WP8 :)
  • If Microsoft just fixed the weird way they keep history in WP's IE (the "recent" list always seem to be completely random!) and added a Forward button, I'd be perfectly happy with it.
  • Called it like it is sir.
  • +1
  • This current release and the changes they made in the UC browser is truly a step-up from the past. The speed improvements are amazing.
  • Microsoft need to seperate IE mobile from system like xbox music so that they can update quickly and bring more features without waiting for whole OS update....same applies for desktop version...
  • I actually think IE is better. No, not due to the recent anime "avatar" but cuz' like it's snippy 'n' all, (^_^)
    Although Inori did mange to make it more........ interesting.......
  • Off topic: is there any app that automatically unlock your phone via WiFi? So, when you are at home, for example, you don't need to put the password to unlock it every time.
  • Can Android do this? Never heard of this.
  • Yes, I'd use this app looooong time ago, when i had a HTC HD2 with Android. https://www.windowscentral.com/e?link=https2F2F...
  • Nope. Windows Phone is locked down to prevent malware and OEM's from destroying it. You can, however turn off your password.
  • :-/
  • They could implement this natively in 8.1, bring it into the mainstream... Maybe even a full automation system for the phone. Nah, too speculative.
  • I think the Moto X uses a similar idea of "known places". So you have the option of disabling your pin when you're in your house, etc. Yeah, would be nice to have some additional context-aware features.
  • Yeah, this is true.
  • Nokia Situation did this on Symbian and better. Hope they'll integrate into the OS after the acquisition by MSFT.
  • Hey.. Is their any solution to dis problem.. I download videos and den export it to music+videos hub but the video of .mp4 format becomes .mp3 and instead of video section its in music.. !!
  • Connect ur mobile to pc and rename that mp3 file to mp4 and move it to whichever folder u want.better u move it to saved picture
  • Due to Windows restrictions apps don't have access to music+video hub.so this method they have used to save ur videos
  • In my 5 month time on wpcentral, i have observed that the chances of Daniel replying to your comment are more in case of anti post comments .
  • Pretty sure I answer a lot of questions too ;)  But yes, we work hard here, consider this a community who works together and frown upon the new guy, who acts like a drunkard at a party, busting in and ruining everything for the rest of us, e.g. the "first!" guy or the person, who on the very first comment, asks something completely off-topic, like we're their personal Q&A brigade, lol
  • True!!
  • Does UC Browser work in Lumia 520/521 now? I tried it last update, and it was impossible to use it due to slowness in loading.
  • Yes it does, have been using it since the app came out for windows 8 on my Lumia 520
  • Good to see an update. Uc browser is a great app
  • Internet Explorer should implement at least some features of uc in 8.1 update.
  • I like this browser, hope to see more improvements in speed and page rendering. Keep the updates coming.
  • Have they added the feature where drop down menus show additional links when you select them? On my computer, when I hover my mouse on a tab, addition links show up. On IE for WP, this doesn't work. Here's my banks website, try and click on (checking & savings) (loans and credits cards) on top and you'll see that the drop down menus show up and quickly disappear. https://www.myeecu.org/home/home Here's another example, click on the tabs on the left. http://pkfirearms.com/
  • This is very cool browser, using it for download songs, where ie fails hard
  • Love this browser, but got one problem with it -can't login to my college website. While website works fine but after I login it disappears.. It was ok like 3 updates ago, was working.. Still not working.. But I got incredibly fast internet now)
  • Try IE, or User Agent Switcher and set the UA to Android/iPhone
  • yes I am using IE, it handles it alright..
  • Can you provide us the link? it may be it's HTTPS license, we will see what we can do 
  • http://pccc.edu/ the home page. then you go to My Account (bottom right) then current student -After I login here "Failed to open page" page opens. That's it. As I said earlier it used to work about 3 updates ago    
  • This is a tricky problem tbh. We ran tested it on more than 15 WP8, and only 1 phone got that error page. WoW, thank god at least we got some information but it's not enough to pin point the problem... Can I have your OS version? it's in setting-about version number looks like 8.0.10512.142
  • The whole website work fine until I go to sign in (I type ID,password) Sign In - that's where I get error (you account to try it out?) Well anyway my OS version is 8.0.10327.77 and thanx for trying to resolve this problem
  • Hi, this was found as an HTTPS license problem that come with the phone. If WP don't recognize license on the site , it will block any request. We just found that a new license came with Lumia Black will solve this problem. Could you try and see if it works?
  • And where are the Android options and addons, text reflow when zooming?
  • I love you UC
  • It looks interesting. I tried it once before but didn't like it. I may try it again. Thanks Daniel. I always seem to find your articles most interesting.
  • Is there a 1080p mode for the 1520?
  • One thing I hate on UC is that swipe left = Back and there is no setting for that. Browsing TheVerge becomes frustrating sometimes because of that.   Also, I still FEEL that IE10 (hopefully soon 11) is faster than any other 3rd party browser.
  • Your main problem is visiting the Verge, the worst tech site on the internet. 
  • This version we made the gesture more stable. Should work better. We will keep improving, and may add a new setting on option to disable it.    Sorry for the inconvience.
  • Im getting an Installation error when I want to update.
  • after trying over 40 times to install it did succesfully
  • I can't transfer music downloaded to from uc browser to Zune.. Is that just me or its not possible at all? This new update is not available for 7.8 also... HTC Radar here.
  • Is it normal that UC Browser is freezing and working slowly on my htc 8s? Not enough RAM? :(
  • Does uc browser compress the data like Nokia Xpress. Internet Explorer is most exhaustive browser ever created. Rest is good. My data gets exhaust within one week !!
  • I never used another web browser since the time i used java phones and also till today when i use WP8 phones.Just nothing but it is the Best Browser!
  • Today, UC Browser was updated to version