UK charity lists white Xbox One for auction on eBay

It's known that Microsoft has constructed white Xbox One units for employees who worked on the next generation console, but UK charity GamesAid has listed an Xbox One on eBay - and it's in white. The auction includes the console itself (adorned with "I Made This" to the right of the disc tray), along with a special edition controller, Kinect sensor and headset.

If that package wasn't enough, the lucky bidder will also snatch an exclusive Day One Achievement and special Launch Team Achievement. the best part about the auction is that the bids will go to a good cause. The console will not be shipped prior to the launch date; so don't think that by bidding for this special Xbox One you'll receive it before everyone else.

Here's some of the work GamesAid ( does:

Will you be looking to bid on the console for a good cause? At the time of this article going live, there have been 51 bids with a price tag of £2,200. If you're unable to bid, fear not as rumour has it that consumers will be able to snatch up the white version at some point in the future.

Source: eBay (opens in new tab), via: DigitalSpy

Rich Edmonds
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  • Sexy!
  • yeah!
  • What do achievements actually do? Are they just numbers that add up and do nothing? I don't get it at all.
  • They're just bragging points. They're a cool add-on when comparing achievements with your friends to see who has unlocked what on what game, etc.
  • So my thoughts exactly. They do nothing for me since I don't play multi online.
  • Well yeah if you don't have friends on Xbox Live or know people who play Xbox AND care to compare progress with them then yeah they're pointless for you.
  • Well I know people who have live and Xbox but they only have live for like Netflix and such. Non of my friends care about the points. Probably why I never got into that part myself.
  • What is day one vs regular?
  • Damm, That's gonna fetch some change.
  • Just a heads up. The Microsoft Store at Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, Illinois has the Xbox One setup and playable. I played Killer Instinct, it's AWESOME! Forza 5 is badass as well. Especially the damage to the cars after the race.
  • Damn! £2,200.. I bet the winner will be in a shock when he/she realises they will have to wait to play like the rest of us :p. Having said that, the winner must be either a generous soul or some one with very very deep pockets.
  • Buy a black one and use plasti dip
  • Price update... £141,100!!! + £10.50 p&p