Ultimate finishers are coming to Killer Instinct for free on Valentine's Day

Killer Instinct is about to get a little more brutal with the arrival of Ultimates, finishing moves meant to cap a match with a bang. In fact, the first Ultimates will arrive for at least some characters on none other than February 14. That's quite the Valentine's Day present, if I do say so myself.

Ultimates were a part of the original Killer Instinct and have been a highly requested feature from those who play the game's current iteration. Thankfully, you won't have to pay for these moves, as they'll be released in completely free packs for all players on the Store.

So what characters are getting Ultimates? The Killer Instinct team says 15 characters are currently planned to receive Ultimates, and that doesn't include Shadow Jago, who already has one. These won't be released all at once, however, and the first pack will only bring Ultimates to Jago, Maya, Thunder, TJ Combo, and Tusk. For a small preview of what's coming, you can check out a preview of Thunder's Ultimate in the video above.

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  • Finally about time.
  • Ultimates in KI were originally regular finishing moves that were optionally done in a combo. I was hoping they were bringing back stand-alone finishing moves. You didn't have to do a combo to finish your opponent or you could optionally do a finishing move in a combo, making it an Ultimate Combo. I have yet to see an actual finishing move, hoping the announcer would say "Danger....Danger....Danger...". I miss the Mortal Kombat style moments where the character is stunned and then we can enter the finishing move button combo OR surprise the player by instantly finishing them during a combo and hearing Ultimate Combooooooo!!!! It really doesn't seem like there is a good grasp on what the 4 methods of finishing an opponent previous KIs were: In no particular order: 1. Ultra Combo 2. Danger Move (aka finishing move/fatality) 3. Ultimate Combo (combo that abruptly ends with a Danger Move) 4. Knockoff (Knock an opponent off the stage, to their demise) 5. Humiliation (make the character dance to disco music) It seems that Microsoft may have given the directive to avoid stand-alone fatalities/finishing moves and IG went with the next best option with is non gory Ultimate Combos. Ultimate Combos are better than nothing but as a KI player since 1994, I was hoping for  
  • Ki doesn't have to be like mk. The devs need to add the option to ultra combo an opponent off of building
  • You can already do this with the Stage Ultra in Arya's Stage (your normal ultra input but with PPP or KKK [whatever one isnt used for your normal ultra])   Also to add extra salt to the wound you can begin with a normal ultra combo -> instinct cancel -> throw in a few extra combos -> stage ultra   Stage ultras are only available on a few stages however, off the top of my head I think TJ COmbos stage, Hisakos, Aryas and Kan Ra. EDIT: also Arbiter and Aganos stage have them! :) Look on youtube and you will see them all, Hisakos is cool!
  • I like ultra combos better.
  • Will have to try this wiht Mya.