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Universal Cineplex app brings movie showtimes and more to Windows 10 Mobile

Canada's Cineplex Entertainment has now launched its official app on Windows 10 Mobile. The universal app originally launched for Windows 10 in late 2015, but had been absent from the mobile platform until now.

The Cineplex app offers much of what you'd expect from a movie app on the go. Movie buffs will be able to quickly check out showtimes for the latest films, purchase tickets and much more. Here's a full recap of everything you can expect with Cineplex:

  • Quickly access movie showtime information for any Cineplex theatre
  • Log in or sign up to Cineplex Connect, your one-stop account to connect with all things Cineplex
  • One-click navigation to view movies playing near you - Securely purchase movie tickets for Cineplex theatres with bonus SCENE points and NO additional service fees!
  • Make it easier to collect more points by adding your SCENE card for convenient scanning at theatres
  • Read the latest Entertainment News and enjoy exclusive trailers, footage and interviews
  • View theatre information by radius, with maps, phone number, admission prices, showtimes and ticketing information
  • Search for theatre, movie, actor, news, photos and videos
  • Available in English & French

If you'd like to check out Cineplex for Windows 10 Mobile, you can grab the app from the Windows Store at the link below.

Thanks for the tip, Nick!

Download Cineplex Entertainment from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

QR: Ciniplex

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  • AMC?! Posted from Windows Central App for Windows 10 on Lumia 950
  • Universal❓
  • This article has nothing to do with the brand AMC (either the theater or the TV channel). They do have an app though.
  • It finally happened! =D
  • Nice. Love Cineplex! Now I can use it in my next Canadian visit.
  • This is great news!
  • Links to the Windows Store never worked for me... Can't find a server at address
  • Works fine here from the app :D Posted with the Windows Central app for Windows 10 on HP 250 G1 notebook. It is a scary old monster, I think :D
  • finally, though I think broswer is enough to order tickets . However Timeplay is a must-have if you go Cineplex for movie
  • Well if having to rotate into landscape is a good experience to enter info think again
  • I never had problem with the website, don't need to rotate to landscape to enter anything on . I am glad they offer official apps, but I found I have way too many apps on my phone, lots of which can be done simply on the browser/website.
  • It's about bloody time!!!
  • More and more universal app for Windows are coming. Such a good news.
  • Yes!
  • Life becoming easier with windows phone!!!
  • Nicely stated Sent using my awesome Microsoft Lumia 950! (AT&T)
  • Yaaayyy for Canada, what's the American equivalent? Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
    on My surface phone
  • Flixster, which we have but it's not uwp
  • No it's Cinemark which is still not uwp
  • This is great. Being Canadian and Cineplex is the only theater in town! I have been bugging them every month. Downloaded already, its slick.
  • The real takeaway here is Canada has finally got movie theatres!
  • The real take a way is you dont know that IMAX was invented in Canada. "Canadians Graeme Ferguson, Roman Kroitor, Robert Kerr, and William C. Shaw developed the IMAX system in 1968."
  • Zing!
  • Well the other takeaway then is Canada has/had some smart people living in the Grey Expanse to the North!
  • Whoo hoo!!!!!!!
  • It's definitely an iOS port... since you can tell by the box styles and navigation styles.... but at this point I don't care and I'm glad they finally replaced that old garbage basic app with this fully-featured one.  YEAH CANADA!!!! :-) I do hope eventually with Islandwood that Devs can easily change the nav styles from iOS to W10M to bring a consistent experience... otherwise we'll have some apps with W10 nav and iOS nav.
  • Major thing its missing is protecting our scene/cineplex account as it seems to not prompt for password after initial signin
  • Movie theater can't find in Connecticut USA. Something wrong.
  • It's Cineplex Canada. I don't know what else to say.
  • It's easy to get Connecticut confused with Canada.
  • This is what MS is hoping will happen. Even if developers release a universal app for PC only, the risk vs reward will eventually entice them to optimize it for mobile.
  • Windows 10 mobile benefits from Windows 10 desktop.
  • Excellent. And the app gap gets smaller
  • This is a good looking app. Now I wish they would fix the Time Play app
  • would be nice if i  could play my ultra violoate movies on it from the cineplex store.
  • Finally!!!
  • Says it not available for my 950xl ??? Wtf
  • Given the slow momentum that Win10 mobile has received so far, I'm pleasantly surprised that apps continue to be released/ported to the platform. Not a big theatre/movie person, but this will be a welcome addition for the next time I do go.
  • You mean apps released in regions where MS cut ties with carriers
  • True! even more surprising for that fact alone.
  • About time the dumbasses there fixed this botched launch as they dont even allow us to use their html5 site to bad my only capable mw10 device is a l929.
    Doesn't prompt for password like the apps on other platforms thats a bad idea guess I'll be logging out
  • Now all we need is landmark cinemas atom app
  • are you from Kitchener too, I saw the link you posted is for Kitchener, and I am too.