University of Washington students were part of the world's first Microsoft HoloLens class

A group of University of Washington students got a chance to enroll in a special class where they could learn how to make apps for the Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality headset in 10 weeks.

GeekWire reports that the students got some help from Microsoft, who sent over 25 of the HoloLens headsets for the special class. The students got to demo their final app creations this week in front of Microsoft executives, including HoloLens leader Alex Kipman:

The energy inside the UW CSE building was buzzing as attendees tested out an array of fun and entertaining futuristic applications that ranged from making spring rolls to playing chess to learning piano to flying paper airplanes to destroying giant eyeballs. "Some of the projects were really mind-blowing," said Ed Lazowska, the Bill & Melinda Gates Chair for UW CSE. "What UW students manage to achieve in 10 weeks is amazing."

The university is already planning to offer another virtual-augmented reality class for its students this fall.

Check out the University of Washington's HoloLens app presentations

John Callaham