Unreleased Surface Music Kit blade concept pops up on eBay

Back during the launch of the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 in 2013, Microsoft showed off what was to be the first in a line of accessories, called blades, for the Surface family. Called the Surface Music Kit, the blade would take the spot of the keyboard on a Surface device and give access to touch sliders and buttons to help with music creation and remixes.

It was a cool idea, to be sure, but it was one that never made its way to store shelves. Some did find their way into the wild, however, and now you can grab one for $11.99 on eBay (opens in new tab) (via Reddit).

The Music Kit blade pairs with a dedicated Music Kit app (opens in new tab) that is supposed to install and open automatically when the blade is attached. From there, the app, combined with the 16 keys and sliders on the blade, let you do things like loop and mute tracks with a tap. The keys are also pressure sensitive, so you can do some pretty unique things from within the software.

The Surface Music Kit was only ever given out as a sort of limited edition release as part of a Vine contest. Unfortunately, it seems Microsoft may have determined the demand wasn't there for a full release. It would have been interesting to see what other types of blades Microsoft would have cooked up had the Music Kit seen success.

As with all things of this nature, it's worth being cautious here. But if you're into relatively rare Microsoft products, you can grab the Surface Music kit for $11.99 on eBay now. Just be aware that the blade will only officially work with the Surface Pro (original), Surface 2, and Surface Pro 2.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • In for two here. We'll do a video on it, run some tests etc. when it comes in.
  • I enjoyed WC's coverage on the Mclaren and Surface Mini, so I'm glad to hear this. I always find it fascinating to learn about all the cancelled tech from MS.
  • It wasn't really cancelled. It was just used for a promotion. Whether they were going to make more is debateable.   later -1
  • I got two a month ago from another seller that had the plastic still for em, looks like Microsoft liquidited all of the inventory they had and wholesale buyers got them. Unfortunately, the app will only work with a Surface Pro 1, Surface Pro 2, or a Surface 2. I have tried many things to get it to work on my Surface Pro 3 but no success. Would be interesting to see, but I just dont have a older Surface, which shouldnt be a problem for you at all. Still amazing to have one in the collection brand new and one for show :)  
  • Daniel I was the original poster on Reddit that was the source for this article. I was not successful with getting this to work on my SP1 have you had any luck? There is one review on eBay that says they got it working on a SP2. If you can get it working on there please let me know!
  • Ordered!
  • if it works for the Surface Pro 2 shouldn't it also work for other pro versions too?
  • no, pro 1, pro 2 and surface 2
  • It is too bad that MS couln't come out with a LCD screen that would work as a programmable keyboard where you could have custom blades like this for this for your surface tablet or laptop.
  • I thought this blade concept had potential. I was disappointed by how much they hyped this with nothing to show for it later. 
  • $12? Pretty cheap, still good;")
  • Microsoft always seems to think they will just have demand for products they never or poorly market. It doesn't work that way.
  • ^^ x10000
  • Microsoft's usual mode of operation is to make something cool, let it sit, and expect other companies to jump in and carry it off to success.
  • I didn't realize these were so rare. I've got one sitting in my laptop bag. Doesn't get a lot of use though.
  • It is sad that I found this article because it was linked to by another site as the source. The new home page is horrible.
  • Ordered... What happened to Groove Music Maker though... :/
  • Would be nice to know as well..
  • Also... there was some sort of bluetooth adapter for Surface (Pro) 2 keyboards I think... very limited... I would love to have one for my SP3, I'm okay with the screen being a little further away from my hands, I'd actually prefer it, but oh well... I guess we don't deserve that or whatever...
  • They exist, but it does not work with mine on my surface pro 3. That was around the time they had the power covers as well.
  • I have one.  It is an excellent device to use when you are inking with the keyboard detached.  You can have the keyboard sitting beside you with the tablet and pen in your hands.  This way you can still easily hit keys you need and ink comfortably.  It worked on my SP3 with SP3 keyboard.  Once I upgraded to a SP4 keyboard, it no longer worked.  :( That being said, the battery life sucked.  But the whole concept is awesome.  
  • I got one when they were out originally for a lot more. It's not very useful, and basically you can do more with software. It's pretty much a gimmick for anyone trying to do remixes.   They are fun to play with. I did a write up here: https://surfaceremix.wordpress.com/
  • I cant believe its so cheap. 
  • Honestly, have you ever seen another company go to the tremendous expense of conceptualising, designing, developing and manufacturing products just to abandon them before mass release quite on the levels of Microsoft? How do they even make money?  
  • will this work on a Surface Pro upgraded to windows 10?
  • I don't think so...can't get the blade to work. When I attach it, it flashes once and then goes dead.