Until Dawn's developer turns up the terror in 'Man of Medan' on Xbox One and PC

'Until Dawn' developer's 'Dark Pictures Anthology' is coming to Xbox One, PC

At Gamescom 2018, Supermassive Games announced "The Dark Pictures Anthology" series for Xbox One and other platforms. Today, GameSpot posted extended footage from the first game, called "Man Of Medan". The team's previous game, Until Dawn, was a PlayStation 4 exclusive, locking Xbox One and PC gamers out of what was a terrifying experience.

According to Eurogamer, developer Supermassive Games is embracing the anthology format to explore a bevy of horror sub-genres. The studio has partnered with Bandai Namco to make sure development goes smoothly.

During the Inside Xbox show a few days ago, a spokesperson from Supermassive Games said that it planned on releasing two games every year.

Until Dawn was a great game and we can't wait to experience how the developer can refine the formula, while bringing it to more players than ever before.

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Asher Madan

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  • Twitter got so many angry Playstation fans for the game not being a PS exclusive after until dawn :D what is wrong with getting more people to experience and enjoy your game, Making more profit to make more games.? "Gamers" are so spoiled these days. Anyways, ill be playing this in the dark with headphones and alone.. Just the way i like it.
  • Wonder, are they playing / enjoying games or not...
  • I don't like the whole idea of exclusives. It doesn't really benefit consumers
  • Yes it does. It means a console maker is investing money in making games.
    Some people would rather see console makers to not make games. (Probably just because the company they worship are having a major drought)
  • They are just mad because now they are reduced to an overrated button masher, cinematic based games where you wash dishes and generic jrpgs.
  • The acting in this game is atrocious.
  • I did like Until dawn, I'm really looking forward to this... :)
  • Hey look, it's Shawn, or maybe his brother.