Star Control

The Star Control: Origins universe is set to get a whole lot busier with the release of Earth Rising, a four-part season pass worth of content. The first part, called Aftermath, will be released on December 11, containing dozens of new missions, new alien races, and — more importantly — new ships.

Your role in the universe is the represent humanity, collect materials, develop new technologies and help expand the reach of Earth in our first interstellar starship. Not everyone wants humanity to be successful and new unknown empires are lurking in the shadows just waiting for the opportune moment to undermine our ambitions.

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The new season pass will add more content for both end-game players and those just starting out. Star Control: origins Earth Rising is $19.99 with the first part of four being rolled out on December 11. The full game can be purchased for $39.99, which you'll need to enjoy the new content.

$39.99 at Steam