U.S. Army deploying nearly 10,000 rugged Getac Windows 10 tablets

It looks like Windows 10 is headed into battle with the Global Combat Support System branch of the U.S. Army (GCSS-Army), which has ordered nearly 10,000 rugged tablets sporting the OS to be deployed. In particular, the GCSS-Army has turned to the Getac F110 G3 and its docking station, 9,783 of which will be deployed.

According to an announcement from Getac, the tablet will be used to replace some older equipment across active and reserve units, in addition to the National Guard:

After a thorough vetting process, GCSS-Army determined the Getac F110 G3 would be the best new rugged tablet to replace several aging and outdated Army management information systems across tactical logistics environments within the Army's Active and Reserve components as well as the National Guard.

Though its ruggedized shell is probably its most appealing feature, the F110 G3's built-in barcode scanner, which Getac says will be used to capture UID data, was also a big factor in GCSS-Army's decision. Some of the more typical features of the 11.6-inch tablet include 6th-generation Intel Core i5 or i7 processors, up to 1TB of SSD storage, and anywhere from 4GB to 16GB of RAM. Other features like a fingerprint scanner and Trusted Platform 2.0 Module, and Smart Card reader help to keep things secure.

Getac expects the full rollout of all 9,783 units to be completed by May 2017.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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