Use this '60-second productivity hack' with Cortana to set location-based reminders

Tips and tricks are always good to learn, especially if you are new to Windows Phone. This one is aimed at those users and it was just posted to the Microsoft Lumia YouTube channel.

It is an oldie but a goodie and it has to do with Cortana's ability to use location-based reminders. In fact, this is one of those rare things that only a Windows Phone can do so it is worth it to show off again.

Location-based reminders are super simple to use if you have Cortana available in your region. Just tell Cortana things like "Remind me to grab some milk next time I am at the supermarket". Since "supermarket" is entirely vague, Cortana suggests nearby locations that fit the profile. You choose which one and the next time you are near that store, Cortana pops up a reminder. Of course, you could also specifically name the location too.

This feature can be used for the grocery store, pharmacies when heading to a friend's house, or just about anything. It just works by pinging your location in the background (aka 'geofencing'), and the OS pops up a reminder. No need to worry about battery life either, as this does not use any more power than normal.

Moment of humblebrag: We recommended to Brain Candy to make a video about this feature since it's so darn cool. Do you have a good tip that would make a great how-to video? Tell us in comments!

If you missed the rest, check out the video above or watch the other Brain Candy Tips below and see our own 'How-tos' right here.

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Source: YouTube, CrowdCentric; Thanks, Jonathan F., for the heads up!

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